What can be done about the free throws?

Shooting 71% as a team, with some starting guards shooting 64%. Doesn’t need to be said but this has and will cost us.

It’s the only glaring weakness I see, and seems like can be corrected?

Emails to Sampson about the topic are encouraged…


right. I am sure he is unaware.


Go out and shoot some free throws

Now imagine having to do that with the pressure of thousands of fans in a tight game situation

He brought it up on the LSU post-game show with Jeremy and Big E. That is why I mentioned it.


It’s not about that. It’s about being willing to put in the time and practice. Some of the best free throw shooters of all time didn’t have to do free throws in practice because they were practicing every day on free throws outside of team practice. One of these days I hope to see a coach decide that any player shooting under a certain percent (maybe 75%) has to shoot granny style until they get their numbers up.

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Not sure if anything else can be done…Armoni is capable of being a great free throw shooter maybe he just needs to calm down a bit when at the line.

He was the top free throw shooter last year. Although Armoni is averaging 12 minutes more a game, I don’t think the percentage would be down by that. It would affect his 3 point percentage more since he uses his legs on 3 pointers.

I’m not trying to be facetious or Captain Obvious, but with UH’s connections to the Rockets, bring in Calvin Murphy and have him talk to the team about what it takes mentally to be a good FT shooter. The physical part takes practice. The more reps, the better you should become. That said, there is a mental element when standing on the FT line in a close game with 7K fans watching. On the road, the noise will be there, too. Sometimes the mental part can get in the way of good muscle memory. Calvin Murphy can teach the Coogs to improve FT%. If anyone would know what it takes to focus and knock down FTs, it would be him. 90% for a career is worth listening to when you are trying to get better.

Go Coogs. Peace.


Also, isn’t this what John Lucas does for the Rockets? Clint Capela is vastly improved at the line because of working with John Lucas.

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Technique can be taught and taught, but if the player doesn’t handle stress, it’s a losing cause.

Well…I know personally I will not be happy until we are at 100%.

That goes for all FG attempts also, as well as getting ALL rebounds !!



But then our offensive rebounding numbers will be terrible!


I can live with ZERO on that number !!

I know that stat would be hard on some people…I sit next to one of them !!


I’m sure that if he just writes to Coach Sampson he’ll be happy to know this. He’s probably been too busy to notice.

You want to improve free throw percent then quit having 15 turnovers a game. Every turnover is a fast-firing dead sprint down the floor. And muscle memory is affected by fatigue.

Other than that some tough love at practice…like Penders used to do. He equated a lack of accuracy with laziness…lol.


Free throw % has been our Achilles heel for the almost 50 years I’ve followed the Coogs.


I think what will help the team is the team challenging each other to see who can knock down the most. Make it a fun thing. Practicing unscheduled practices for bragging rights can help all, plus have fun shooting free throws…

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I’m afraid at this level of competition there isn’t going to be much improvement in FT proficiency. They are what they are. If we want great FT shooters we have to recruit players who are great at the line.

I agree with the earlier opinion that we need to cut down on turnovers.

This JUST IN !!!

Kentucky and Gonzaga…Team FT % for year…75%

Duke and Michigan Team FT % for year…65%

UH Team FT% for year…71 %

We are a gonna be in for the FINAL FOUR !!!