What does a new staff do?

We would hate to lose you but the kid is can coach. I I would watch every down

Recruit. This team is built on free agency. It doesn’t work.


Hire a coaching staff with deep Houston High school connections. We have always done more with less when we had coaches with that connection. Dana is using the transfer portal when, as a hire, we wanted a coach that could recruit Houston. 5 stars are nice, but you can build a solid team off of 3 and 4 stars that want to stay because they see the benefit of being developed by the coaching staff.

No. Too influenced by recency bias.

UH needs a higher character head coach. KB was suspended by his father for 1 game at Baylor for a recruiting violations. It was alleged he used sexual innuendos at Baylor to recruit players. Recall the allegation of one recruit where KB allegedly said: “Do you like white women? Because we have a lot of them at Baylor and they love football players.”

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Precisely need to stay away from Briles he’s tainted, acorn usually doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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lol, I remember when Art was our HC people would always say that. “OMG the offense is scoring too fast!”

Personally, I just want to win. If CKB can help us with that and wants to be here, then I’m down.


I don’t think the issue was necessarily scoring too fast.

It was going three and out so fast.

We didn’t score on every series, probably not on most.

Wow like that does not go on everywhere. Every school has hostesses which are usually pretty young coeds.

To be clear, it’s not necessarily the innuendo that matters so much as who he was working for when he said it, and what was going on there at the time. The context of it is what’s damning.

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In one of the alleged gang rapes, the victim, who also was an athlete, told her coach that she didn’t want to go the police. When notified of the allegation, Mr. Briles told the victim’s coach that he hoped she would go to the police, according to people familiar with the matter. One person close to the victim said she viewed Mr. Briles as supportive of her claim. Oakman was found not guilty at trial.

It’s no different than the NFL. The best teams are built through the draft or in this case high school. You supplement with free agency or in this case transfers.

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Not too long ago the Colorado Club hasps coaches and recruiters on speed dial.

Agreed. It is the ultimate team game. The team has to develop and it takes time.

A transfer to fill a gap or provide a little bit of depth is one thing. Building your team around it doesn’t work.

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I disagree with this; you absolutely can build through the transfer portal. Keep in mind that college players only stay on campus 3-5 years anyway, COVID notwithstanding, and that coaches typically only last about 3 years themselves, and you’re basically getting a whole new team every year.

That’s actually the raison d’être of offensive systems like the Air Raid and the Triple Option, and the biggest reason pro-style systems aren’t common in college – the Air Raid, in particular, was traditionally taught in about 3 days. In a sport where you’re basically handed an entirely new roster every single year, implementing something that’s easy to learn and execute is a massive advantage.

We will have to agree to disagree. Because of the nature of football a culture has to be established and you have to trust the guy next to you.

That takes time and immersion and weeding out and pruning.

What we have now is a bunch of dudes. There is no culture, there isn’t anything.

If you have a transformative leader head coach with a strongly defined culture that can integrate many aspects of many things then yes going transfer heavy can probably work - Prime at Colorado, or Snyder at KSU with JUCOs, etc… However, CDH sure as heck ain’t anywhere near that. I will fall on my sword that his approach to basically everything from his temperament on the sidelines, to recruiting strategy, to grind/work ethic, to interaction with fans, to ability to sell the program, etc… is the exact opposite of what is needed to “build from the ground up” and “provide long term stability” which is what our admin has been feeding us for half a decade now. His best value is his willingness to stay, which, means nothing if he tenure is not up to snuff.

Frankly, I had one foot out on him in season 1 in 2019 about 3-4 games in when he couldn’t make it work with his 50 TD QB and our dream season we were supposed to have fell to shambles with the national embarrassment of “redshirting the season” and he delivered us a 4-8 record. Of course the reasons and accountability NEVER pointed his way.

I’ll say what I really think, when you consider all he has been given and what he has accomplished, he has had a worse tenure than either Levine or Applewhite. He is our worst coach we’ve had since before Briles. Pez is in the same category - worst AD since before Maggard. Hence you get the football hell we are in. Thank GOD Sampson is so dedicated to UH and such a transformative leader he can rise above the trash around him or we would literally have nothing going in men’s sports. Cue the baseball frustrations now too.


I mean, sure, if you use CDH as the barometer, nothing works. He’s just a bad coach. Long-term consistency doesn’t exist in college athletics, though.

You can rebuild through the transfer portal if you hustle and you’re a salesman. But you aren’t going to get a QB who’s been in your system 2-3 years. You can also rebuild into a Sunbelt program.

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The recruiting pitch only goes so far. It’s like when you give your employees a performance evaluation. Your employees hear nothing before or after you tell then their percentage increase.

With recruits, all they hear in how much they could make in NIL.

Agree with the recency, not at all on the character … any one that wants to judge Art Briles character should judge him side by side with the Baylor Board of Regents, Baylor judicial affairs and the Waco police.
The suspension for recruiting violations stemmed solely from illegal contact with a recruit. Kendal and another coach attended a track meet where Devon Duverney was participating and it was illegal because it exceeded the max contact events a coach could have with a recruit. NCAA fined Baylor $5K. Put that in perspective to what CKS received from the NCAA, which was BS then and legal now.
Aside from Pepper Hamilton and the Baylor BOR there were plenty of people defending Art Briles character including the gang rape victim, her family and her coach … add the Title IX director Patty Crawford, Ken Starr and numerous others to that list. He’s unhirable due to the scapegoating and I’d add his age. Take those away and I’d take both Briles in a heartbeat.

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