What is a Reasonable Number of Years for Head Coach at One School

There is no correct answer and I am going to push the envelope in this day and age, but if I could get 6 years out of a head coach, I would be happy. Two to three years is not long enough to recruit your own players and establish your own culture.

3…You need to see signs of progress.

Not only are we not seeing signs of improvement, in year 5, we are going backwards.

Golden rule in Business:

Especially, if you know you are stagnant.


By year 5 for sure you should see if his recruits are good and responding to the staff. That’s enough time for the previous staff’s classes to pass thru. Year 5 into Dana we should be seeing much better results that much I know.


We have very few of Applewhite’s players left at this point, this is all Dana now.

Hell, honestly Dana went 12-2 with Applewhite and Herman’s players.

I think Prime woke up the college football coaching landscape in a way that hasn’t been done either ever before or in a very long time.

He turned Colorado around overnight. Completely changed the roster. Established a culture like no other.

I understand he has a personality and NFL career to back it, but it really goes to show how coaches need to use every resources including social media to create a brand.

Dana has none of this. He says his job is to coach, and everything else is up to the AD. Sure, maybe on paper this is the case.

No. You hear nothing about the Colorado AD. Prime IS the Colorado AD.

We need a new coach. New culture. New attitude. That’s why McCaskil left. UH sucks right now.


Coach Prime is a unicorn. You can’t compare any coach to him. At this point CP done everything right. Excited the fan base, gone undefeated, has his pick of recruits, has the networks fawning all over him. He is great for college football.

This notion that UH could have had CP is an urban legend. There is no credible evidence that CP ever wanted to come to UH.

he’s using Prime as an example of what can happen with the right coach.

lets not pour another can of gas on the “why didnt we hire prime” embers.

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Perfect world in yr 3 should see progress.

Issue is the huge buyouts which favors coaches

Best policy would be a 1 yr rollover if they have a great yr in yr 4. If he does well in yr 3 of 5 , no action.

It’s a tough call bc now we owe 20 mil which is way too much so we’re screwed for now but hopefully Dana addresses things for next yr.

Looking at this yr, I didn’t think we’d do much more than 6 wins best . If we beat Sam it’s 2 wins then scratch out 4 more but that will be tough bc it means winning every other game which I don’t see yet

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You’d have to weigh if we could sell out and those sales vs the 20 mil but we’d need a home run like sanders or Herman type which I don’t see out there. We might make a change, pay 20 mil then still screwed unless we really get a great coach

Herman’s Coogs would have beaten Primes Buffs.


Just putting it out there – the median FBS Head Coach was hired in 2021, and is currently in their third season. The median Big 12 coach has been on the job for 3 and a half seasons, and the same is true for the SEC. For the most part, that’s about how long coaches last. There are 7 active Head Coaches that were hired in 2013 or earlier, and there are 35 that have been in the same place since at least 2018. In other words, coaches last about 3 years and then they’re out, one way or another. If they’re a particularly good fit they’ll last 5-10 years, tops.

Maybe, but I know I would pay to see it.

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Just one more year

I think Sanders gets more media attention and promotion, but I don’t know that he’s doing something that other coaches haven’t (yet). Just last year Dykes took a 5-7 team to the championship game in his 1st year. He’s just not as sexy a headline


Coach Prime was very outspoken about turning over his entire roster. I know TCU had some key departures, but was it as many as CO?

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Unlikely, but is starting over after dumping a bad team’s roster tougher than winning by continuing the same roster of a bad team?

All of these are wrong. 2 years. Max.

First year no one has any film on you so your probability of winning is higher.

Second year you have a culture set and you probably will struggle in more games but by this time if you can’t overcome you’re weaknesses you won’t be good any other year.

NIL, social media, brand value/marketing. Are all the job of the coach. It’s not just about coaching anymore it’s about what you’re selling.

How long we’ve kept coaches who were fired/forced to resign since Yeoman:

Jenkins: 3 years
Helton: 7 years (big mistake)
Dimel: 3 years
Levine: 3 years
Applewhite: 2 years

Holgorsen is in his 5th year.

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I think :apple:boy was 2 years.

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Correction made. He was 0-3 in bowl games but only head coach for two full seasons.