What music have you been listening to lately?

Just listening to some Stevie Ray Vaughn this morning to get me going.


Had some Shoegaze playing last night…Beach Fossils & DIIV playing.

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I’ve been filling my ears with the Tedeschi Trucks Band. I’m going to see them Wednesday at the Smart Financial Center. I. CAN’T. WAIT!

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I’ve been on a Dean Martin kick as of late.


The Gaslight Anthem. Concert Monday night at HOB.

Decoration Day, Drive By Truckers

Courtesy of Pandora The Roy Orbison station.

Paul McCartney and Wings! I’ve been obsessed with it for like a couple of months now.

LITHIUM channel on Sirius XM.

90s alternative/grunge rock.


One of the best songs ever

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When the levee breaks by zeppelin. Based on truth when they blew up the miss river bc of massive flooding to save New Orleans. The flooding caused a great migration up north to Chicago by blacks bc the gov didn’t help them when flooded. Zeppelin was a heavy metal blues band and they understood the situation that happened and wrote that great song.


There’s a new Metallica album

I agree Led Zeppelin’s is a great version, but Memphis Minnie wrote it back in 1929.

I was a big Led Zeppelin fan back in high school (still am) but one thing they (and many other rock bands) did for me was get me into the blues. It’s awesome to dig into the original music.

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Cal dreaming is a good one too. Great lyrics.

Yeah Led Zeppelin was a great heavy metal band but blues orientated . I didn’t know of the original song posted here.

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Drum and Bass!!!

I wish we had more band/music threads. My tastes are all over the place and love hearing about new music or bands that I’ve missed or under-appreciated. Really got into music in the 60-70’s and been hooked ever since. Besides Gaslight Anthem, loving Spanish Love Songs. Emo rock at its best. :sunglasses:


Band Maid
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Lady Baby
Lady Beard
Kai Tangata

Did you know that those little half shirts that Plant wore on stage were the blouses of the girls he banged the previous night.

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Rammstein is interesting. They’ve got songs that suck some but also have great sound.