Whatever happened to Chug a Lug Park?

Why did it go away?

I remember it being a blast all those years ago.

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It was talked about a couple of weeks ago in another thread……don’t remember which one or I d link it……Hill has some good information on why it went away.

The Good Ole Days at CALP (Chug a Lug Park)

Go Coogs Go!

Why and how were CALP gotten rid of?

What were the circumstances behind it?

Our baseball attendance and game day atmosphere have never been the same.

The players loved CALP. I can’t recall what the issues were for not having it any more since it has been so long.

What was chug a lug park?

Something you never got to enjoy youngster…… though as ambitious as you seem to be?

You might be the guy to lobby for it to come back!

Hill and others can probably describe in a better light….

It was the parking lot across from right field…… RV’s, tents, bbq pits , cold beer, and Coogfans getting revved up before game time….and sometimes a little after!

Then everyone would cross the street to the ballpark and get loud and rowdy……there was an amazing atmosphere…… especially when we had series against LSU and others…. And then hosting regionals as well.

I’m actually underselling it.


It was an incredible pre, during, and post-game party/tailgating experience that existed at Cougar Field from roughly the late 90s through about 2005 or 2006.

Not sure why it was terminated, but there was a regular crowd of fanatical baseball fans that met there for just about every game and formed a hardcore “base” of UH team support.

For reasons that have never been explained to me, it was shuttered, and the gameday atmosphere and experience for UH baseball have never been the same since.

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When was it during the week? Every game or just Saturdays?

I definitely recall seeing it for Fri/Sat/Sunday games.

Not sure about weekday games. I’ve been to far fewer of those, but I would not be surprised if there was CALP at those too.

Back in those days, baseball got far greater fan interest (for the most part) than today. Of course, our program’s struggles in recent seasons have been part of the reason for the recent decline in fan interest.

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Brought it up to CV3. This might be able to make a return next season. It worked with Soccer.


It was primarily Saturday night was the big day. Friday night was fairly light weight with some fans and some parents with beers around some cars.

Back when the program was regulars at regionals, it was a big time event on Saturday home games starting in Feb. Players did love to attend and it was a good release for them after Saturday night games with a Sunday afternoon home game. Great music and food.

If I remember correctly, coach Noble was not a big fan later on. Possibly he thought it was an distraction to his players, but not sure about that. I never saw him at one of the events. Then team slid down the mountain ands interest just died over time. Possibly with Big 12 entry and a return to at least regular regional appearances and excellent competition from other Big 12 Texas schools, it can return. But it was a lot of fun and good times. I am sure it would be a good recruiting tool for players and their families to have those Saturday night events. Cougar baseball was almost family like back in those days between supporting fans, the players, and their families. It also drove road trips out of that level of support.


My memory was CALP was killed due to construction changing the parking lots and the administration not being concerned at all about a replacement spot. For a brief bit the school put port-o-potties out.

Pete and Allie’s Winnebago was a central part of the gathering. There was lots of grilling and feeding everyone (this way it wasn’t a perk just for athletes) and occasionally DJ equipment was brought out.

CALP was largely a Saturday event but on big weekends there were Fall Down Friday pre parties. Good times.


Have any of you ever been to a game at Mississippi State? That’s the top of the mountain in terms of fan engagement/excitement. The experience is just next level. Grilling before, during and after the game.

Tennessee has made some nice additions and they are starting to do some really cool things there. I’ve seen some really awesome stuff before ECU games too.

With the parking lots nearby some awesome fan pre-game stuff could be done.


Strakerak is on board and is going to do his best to get approval or whatever needs to happen to get CALP going again……super ambitious young man.

Hopefully it gets revived….If not , thanks for trying.
I think it would be cool having it back for the move to our new conference.


Moving into the Big 12 and joining a legit P5 conference in all sports… no better time than to seek to create a major home field advantage by crafting a fan friendly and excitable atmosphere that fires up the fan base and the players alike!


Alright y’all, I brought this up to some student orgs and the interest was piqued.

Anyone who has season tickets or so, I would recommend emailing athletics staff. Let them know Coogs of CV3 can help, or ask about any tailgating rules.

I’m going to talk to someone who ran tailgating for soccer to see what their process was.

Doing that, can get this kicked into gear. Can’t really be for this season, unless we do it this weekend for UCF, which would have to be a really, really quick turnaround.

I can just say that someone from Athletics told us we can straight up… Tailgate, and get to it.

I would say, bring it behind 3rd base foul area. Courtyard between Tennis, Baseball, and Tellez field.

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I believe there was a dedicated group that liked to sun bath on the grass as well.

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It was downsized by CTW

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If you guys want this back, let’s work on it. Baseball season starts in a week or two, so talking to say, Cougar Pride, UHAA, or Athletics can likely make it happen.

My prediction is: it becomes an alumni/independent thing first. We all request if we can do a tailgate on say, one game a week (Friday or Saturday). In cases like TAMU coming to town, Tuesdays.

Then, have UH advertise it to students. They will want to come. Create some kind of system where they have to be at the game for them to get into CALP.

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