Where's Kevin Kolb now?

I’m curious…but does anyone know what kevin Kolb has been up to since he’s retired from the NFL? Is he still active with the university.

The last I heard he was suffering daily from headaches (concussion syndrome). He does a lot of hunting and fishing, but I heard a lot of drinking too. If true it is unfortunate and sad.

A few years ago, 2014 to be more precise Kevin Kolb was vacationing at the Hilton, in San Jose del Cabo, 25 minutes East of Cabo San Lucas. He had a few concussions but nothing prepared him for what was to come. Some of you have heard of hurricane Odile. Thankfully this is not a high populated area. The devastation was un-measurable.
Here is an SI interview and a few videos.


I traveled this area for work over twelve years. I was on the first flight back to Cabo after it happened. The pictures do not do justice for what happened. Locals told me that the barometic pressure was so strong that windows were blowing from the inside out. The airport wind tower lost measurement past 150 Mph. But Just like hurricane Harvey, people, friends, human kindness conquers all. Today the area has recovered. The medical field needs to do better when it comes to concussions. Kevin’s health like so many other players depends on it. The NFL and football survival depends on it.


Wow he’s been through alot. Totally forgot about the hurricane. Hopefully he’s in a better place now.

After Kolb retired, he was seen at Baylor practices with Briles and came through to watch UH practices a few times. I believe he donates to the athletics department (or at least he used to).

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I’ve seen him at a handful of Cougar football games.

Thanks Patrick! Sorry about that.

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No problem.

Why throw shade on a Coog Brother with the " i heard a lot of drinking too"


You completely miss read that and the tone of my message. I’m not throwing shade or trying to say anything negative about him.

I mentioned it because it is concerning. When people have concussion syndrome they deal with their symptoms in different ways. Some people drink, some people do drugs, and some people commit suicide. Unfortunately all of those ways of coping very sad and unfortunate. That is all I was trying to say.

Hopefully he is getting the help that he needs and it doesn’t lead to a darker path.


Ok so he really is a Coog.


Not sure how to respond to that. Just to avoid any confusion please see my post above. I was trying to clarify the context of what I meant.

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I think most rational people understand what you meant lol


He got many millions to perform his job. These guys know what they are getting into when they join this profession. Hope he is ok now.



Great photo. GWJr. is a great Coog, he was in Dallas last year with CMA, T. Bowser and others for SMU basketball game. If I had known he was going to be there I would have brought my SI cover for him to sign.

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Greg Ward in the Stros hat reminds me of Michael Bourn with a bit more beard.

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