Which Coogs are coming back?

I believe everyone has another year of eligibility. If some alumni who own Landrys can put up some big time NIL $ we could bring back some guys.

Seniors with possible NBA plans but could return because of extra year of eligibiity from covid. This is where NIL $ is useful

Jawan Roberts
Jamal Shead

Could really benefit from another year
LJ Cyer

Seniors who could return and really help us and themselves
Mylik Wilson
Ja’Vier Francis

Veteran players Expected to return

Junior: Sharp SG
Junior: Arcenaux SF or SG
Sophmore: Jo Jo Tugler PF
Ramon Walker SF

Redshirt Freshmen
Jefferson G
McFarland C

Mercy Miller - SG/PG
Chase McCarty - F

Transfers added?


Francis is going to be back he is only a junior this year. Mylik said post game that he was using his Covid year and hopes to play for UH next year. Interesting that he said hopefully which makes me think that it is very much a possibility that he portals somewhere else. Don’t think there is any chance Shead comes back.


Cryer is open to return

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i think Wilson means has to be invited back. Wilson’s game improved mightily the past couple months and Ramon Walker made great strides.

What about Jawan Roberts? I heard he was planning to return. sure hope so.
I think we could retain Shead with a nice NIL deal. We need PG
Need to pony up NIL for Roberts and Shead and Cryer.

Without Shead we were all post up and drives which was effective but never got over the hump. Never had any good looks for Cryer or Sharp to shoot 3’s. Presumably because there was no Shead or PG to create and run offense.


I love Ramon. He gives us impactful mins regardless of how few he gets.



Shead if he isn’t a 1st rounder.
Roberts if he isn’t a 1st or 2nd
Cryer should return. Needs work. No way he’s getting drafted.

Wilson probably transferring
Francis could be here or transfer, his backup would be McFarland? These wouldn’t be playing time issues either, just whatever the plans are for next year.

Elvin is a toss up since he doesn’t take up a scholly spot. Hypothetically, I can see him entering the portal to get a starting spot at an FCS school?

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The link shows the potential money for 1st round picks. Jamal’s game has improved allot this year. He’s more consistent shooter but he still does’nt have a consistent mid range jumper or 3pt shooter. He could work on that at UH for another year and being injured is not going to help draft status either.

it’s a longshot but Mr. Fertita certainly has the money and means through NIL for Jamal to endorse Landry’s brands for a year instead of the 2-3 million NBA salary he’s likely to get as a late 1st round or 2nd round pick. But it’s not my money. Wish it was!

We’ll see how it plays out. If we lose all 6 of these guys and having only signed 2 freshmen Coach Sampson would have serious work to do in the transfer portal and it’s a crap shoot if these transfers become a great fit. They have to learn our system and be indoctrinated into our culture. We’ve had allot of success with transfers like LJ, Kyler Edwards, Taz Moore, Josh Carlton but there is always 1 that does’nt work out. We have a huge oppoertunity with this extra year of covid eligibility and would hate to see this once in a lifetime opportunity wasted. I would just love to see Jamal put the UH uniform on for 1 more year. I’m can dream.

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Question, because of the 2 incoming freshman we have to lose 2 players, right? Or am I missing something? So I’m assuming if Shead and Roberts and Cryer all come back we will probably push a couple of guys out, probably Dunn and Wilson/Walker

nobody is pushing Wilson or Walker out.


Ya, you might be right. I hear that the team ans coaches love Wilson.

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I have no idea how CKS will reshape the roster but he has a unique chance to greatly improve it via the portal this year.

Most likely holdovers & Incoming Freshman:

Remaining players:

At least 2 of these are leaving, most likely Shead & Dunn. This scenario would only leave one portal spot for a PG. Much more help is needed. If they all left this team could add a new PG (Shead gone) and a true veteran CG who can actually play the point and create shots for himself and team mates when needed. Cryer is strictly a catch and shoot guard. No PG skills. Additionally a true top notch big could be added along with a SF. The portal is leaded with top notch talent waiting to be plucked, If we only take a PG from the portal expect next year to be about the same as this year maybe a little less.

Ok, so who is it then? Like I said, we need 2 spots or we have to tell one of the freshman to reopen their recruitment. Unless there’s something we’re not thinking about

No FCS in basketball.

Simply “low majors.”


Some won’t like this, but I’ll be back!


My thoughts:

Shead - would love for him to come back but his buzz wil not get higher.

LJ Cryer - wil come back and work on his pg skills. His size wont get him looks unless is a 1.

Roberts - tough one to guess. I think he comes back.

Dunn - gone

Wilson - back but will only come back if given some promise to be top pg. Otherwise gone


I think Shead is a fringe second-rounder. Not sure if that’s enough for him to go. I think most of us would love to see him back. That’s a tough way to end a college career.


Would not bother me if Dunn left, felt kind of sorry for him, never seemed to fit in


Bring back Tramon Mark

No mark he quit on the team