Which Coogs are coming back?

virtual locks to come back
Emanuel Sharp
Jojo Tugler
Ja’Vier Francis

likely gone
Jamal Shead

Leaning towards leaving but returning very real
J’wan Roberts
LJ Cyer
Damien Dunn

Wants to Return but has to evaluate if the role is big enough
Mylik Wilson
Ramon Walker

coach want them back but transfer portal allure could take them

incoming Freshmen
Mercy Miller - SG/PG
Chase McCarty

we are 2 over the limit… we are recruiting and multi-positional (not targetted), so we are likely losing some guys


Nah that’s like getting back with ur ex wife, when they are gone there ain’t no coming back

We missed Tramon big time. I don’t care what the haters say.




This would of been our Auburn game when be took over. Damian Dunn wasnt that guy nor was it Cryer. Because of lack if size or athleticism.

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Man I feel bad for Shead, as well as the whole team. I been there where Shead is in that photo, as a former BB player.


Still miss him man. :smiling_face_with_tear:

no feeling involved, just who I WANT BACK on a purley basketball standpoint


  • portal PG
  • Sharp
  • 6’5 portal scorer - or vastly improved arcenueax on offense
  • j’wan if he wants to return - or Jojo Tugler
  • Francis - (but less reliant on him)


  • Arcenueax
  • transfer center- one that push francis for the starting spot
  • mccarty
  • miller
  • McFarland
  • an offensive transfer 4 if j’wan leaveas
  • portal backup PG
  • its 0% chance we lose all of the players i didnt list, so pick any 1

rational -
why no LJ - i want to go taller on the 3 spot, our rebounding has been poor, and close D could improve… id be okay with him staying if he vastly improved as passer or isolation scorer (him or sharp has to be a better on the dribble scorer)

mccarthy and lath are redundant - too many projects

ramon should go be a 11pt 6rb 24mins a game player at an A10 school

mylik he wants to come back, which makes no sense to me, sampson doesnt think very highly of his basketball skills - said as much in like 3 interviews indirectly (including the post game yesterday)

no offense to jefferson, he chose a wrong time to come here, i want to put development minutes on miller and mccarty and not him


I want an improved Francis to come back next year, but with Francis’ limited offensive skills, he seems to be better suited coming off the bench for his defensive skills. He can play more aggressively without worrying about foul trouble. He’s a liability late in the game due to his FT shooting. I think CKS will find a way for Francis and McFarland to co-exist in the lineup next year.

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next year will be our 1st year without any dominant defensive guards (no galen, corey, dejon, shead, sasser, shead etc.)… we have to rely on the front court defense becuase the backcourt defense court will likely be the weakest, so i dont mind franics starting… but i want a lost post scoring center in the rotation as a backup … and have them play situationally

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Shead isn’t stupid. He’s gone. People need to stop wishcasting and accept it. Again the man isn’t an idiot.

There’s not a great landing spot for bigs that don’t shoot well from outside. NCAA is often a good spot.

Couple transfer guards may not have warm seats waiting for them when they look.

Other seats maybe determined by how much room we have for developers rather than contributors.

Fair chance we have a decent revamp in the off-season by our standards anyways. We are never gonna Arkansas the thing


im sure at some point soon we’ll have a “next season” thread started but here’s my 2 cents

  • whatever we do - we need more depth. injuries have been a major issue the last few years and we’ve been put in positions where we are simply not deep enough

  • we need scorers. whoever we recruit or bring in will be able to play Cougar defense, but we need consistent scorers and lots of them

  • more length - as posted above having taller and longer players across the board will help in many areas, specifically rebounding which we’ve been getting worse and worse at

  • a PG. Assuming Shead leaves (I could go on and on about why I think he’s coming back) we need someone to run the offense. we were lost last night without Shead offensively and a team as good as we ARE, should never be in that position.


Wilson isn’t making that call and he knows where he stands. He is back if we need him. If there is no room in our rotation he goes somewhere else to play.

We definitely need more depth. Look at that 2022 team-- lost Sasser AND Mark and we still went to the Elite 8 with the remaining players, beating an Arizona team many were predicting would win the tournament along the way. This team depended too much on Shead to carry it and facilitate everything-- we need a more balanced, deeper team next year, hopefully with more than 1 guy who can create on offense.

Ultimately, this team was way too top-heavy (something I noted at the beginning of the year.) With Shead it was excellent, but without? We simply can’t be 1 injury away from disaster again.


UH had a more balanced and deeper team this season. Then TA went down, then Tugler went down, then Walker went down.


then Shead went down.


And Roberts was playing hurt
And still one possession from being a heavy favorite in the Elite 8.


One 4 pt possession away…

without Shead I dont know as if we’d be a heavy favorite, or even a favorite.

Agree 100%. Jamal deserved a much better ending to his career at UH.