Which Coogs are coming back?

Just my opinion but I continue to believe that Cryer and Roberts will return.

Since we then lose 3 and have 2 Freshmen coming in Sampson has one scholarship to give, which becomes our new PG courtesy of the portal.

Our 5 Bigs would be Roberts, Francis, Tugler, Lath, and McFarland.

We have three that will play the 3 position: Arceneaux , McCarty,and Walker.

5 Guards: Transfer, Cryer, Sharp, Jefferson, and Miller.

A tremendous Roster! :basketball:


Didn’t Sampson say Arceneaux’s position is the 4?

I’m as confident in this happening as I am Shead is leaving

So, very.


I agree with you. I think he will struggle to make it in the NBA. He’ll play somehwhere (overseas?) and do well.

You can’t think of any NBA players like Shead?

The Memphis Grizzlies roster shows a Guard who is 6’1”” and a Guard who is 6’ even.

Shead fits that roster.

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You are a 1000% wrong.


Uh oh

People said Drexler.wouldn’t make it… Reason why Bill Fitch didn’t draft him the Rockets coach at the time, instead Rodney McCray. We know how that turned out


are we comparing Shead and Drexler?!?!?!


I hope so. He’s one of my favorite Coogs of all-time and hope he does well.

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mylik not in the portal and has menyioned “wanting to return”…

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I have no doubt that Shead will test well during the combine and outshine other players at his position. I think he’d be a great fit as a backup PG for a playoff team drafting in the 20’s.

He could even be a good fit for the Rockets if they let Holiday go after this year. A guy that’s also smaller than Shead by the way.


Besides every game that Jamal has played for us he is an outstanding human being.
Remember this?

That alone spells out LEADER
Any NBA getting him will be lucky to have him.


I can’t imagine anyone not thinking the Glide would be a first round pick.


I truly believe Mylick could be very helpful here one last year


Can you imagine if we had Clyde with Hakeem the Dream Olajuwon together early on?
Bill Fitch was a good HC but we could have have had an even bigger Rockets legacy. Showtime Houston edition.
Side note:
Loved Rodney.


If the Rockets had played their cards right could of had Hakeem, Drexler, and Jordan on same team. Heck the Astros passed on Jeter and could of had a Biggio, Bagwell, and Jeter infield.


How so? Hakeem was the Number one pick of the same draft MJ was number 3.