Which Coogs are coming back?

Maybe the said player thats a “done deal” for us has yet to put their name in the portal

I wouldn’t really sweat about it for now tbh

Sampson knows who is coming in to play PG and says we are going to have a good one. EVERYONE should be fine with whomever that player is.


I’m angry at who it is. It’s not right and I hope he reconsiders


It’s obviously going to be a bad fit. Do our coaches even know what they’re doing? Have they not been reading this board?

It’s ridiculous. We’re on pace to lose like 6 games next year now. C’mon.





Man, you don’t even know if his issues were basketball related, his family, or him. Yet, you’ve specified that it was due to losing his spot and getting bench.




Not sure if you’ve heard but, the NBA game is a smidge different than the college game….just a bit more open with flow.

And FWIW, Shead could have scored 18-20 ppg if that is the role CKS wanted him to play.

Lots more could be said but I’ll leave it at this for now.

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Seriously, it’s like we’re happy just being the Joneses. Be the Joneses’ daddy or go play intramurals, bruthah.


I’ll be rooting for him but he does. His game does not translate to the NBA level. He shot 40% FG and 30% from three. The NBA is all about offense. Jamal has to improve his shooting if he wants to have a chance.

his shining attributes were his defense and ability to lead the offense. his biggest shortcoming for his game style is, really, that he’s short. i genuinely want him to succeed, but I just don’t think the NBA teams are going to be that interested in him. maybe a year or two in the G league will really help

yes that was what coach said!

There is no doubt in my mind Shead will be drafted and play NBA minutes. Lots of teams could use him


When is Shead going to send out the official im leaving statement?

Probably waiting until after Final Four weekend because he will be there to receive some awards. Probably some time next week if I had to guess.


Winning awards increases his value.


Did you watch Simpsons interview yesterday? Its all but official now

he’ll definitely get drafted, i never said that. but i think he’s not what the current state of the NBA is looking for. do i think he could be a valuable asset? sure. but with his current skill set, playing as a 1 in the NBA isn’t what teams are looking for.

genuinely love him and think the world of his game. but he’s a product of college basketball


Bleacher Report has Shead going to Memphis with the 38th. Pick.

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He already owns Memphis!


Those Mudcats would boo him, please anyone but them!!

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