Who do we want to win tonight..Temple or UCF?

I’m conflicted on this one. I would like to see UCF to lose one game and UH go undefeated to have the conference championship here in Houston. But, since Fresno is ahead of us, would we jump them by winning the conference championship (say it is UCF with one loss…how far do they fall and how far would we rise after we win). OR do we want UCF to win out and play the championship in Florida and if we win, we would certainly jump Fresno as at that point, UCF would have to be ranked 8th or 9th in the CFP poll.


The only thing that UH can control is SMU this week, I know. Everything else will fall into place.

Temple. I want to host the championship game and I don’t think USF has a shot in hell of beating UCF, and I don’t think Cincy has the offense. So, this is the last shot we have of the Knights losing IMO.

Temple should force UCF to open up their playbook. That’ll be good for us.

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UCF…we will jump beating the #7 - #9 team in the CFP if we both take care of business…love Temple, but they have to lose…


I tend to agree… I think the only way we can make the NY6 is by beating an undefeated UCF in the CCG.


We benefit most with a UCF win in terms of setting up our best shot at a NY6. So go Knights.


So many scenarios left in the east. Temple winning the east means we host CCG even if we go 3-1 in the next 4. However, 3-loss Temple winning the east is terrible for the conference CCG SOS. If Temple wins the east the AAC is in real danger of not getting ny6 if the top MWC teams keep winning.

What good is hosting the CCG and winning the conference if we don’t get NY6? So give me UCF tonight. 3-loss Temple needs to go away. Fresno being ranked ahead of us in CFP currently means we need a ranked opponent out of the east. USF can still climb back. UCF is already there. Temple no chance before Dec 1.


UCF easily… If they lose any games our NY6 bid is at risk


The poll is worthless. I love watching my Coogs in person. Want to see ccg in Houston, then ride shuttle to see basketball game. Oops, my bad, use to riding shuttle to tsu. I will walk over. What a way to start dec.


I think USF can still win the east and that’s what I’m hoping for. Their only loss is out of division so they haven’t lost any tiebreakers to Temple or UCF. That way we can have it all. USF and us win out, both ranked. We host with better conference record and we get ny6 with a ranked win against a 1-loss team that took down UCF a week before.

And we can beat USF twice at home. They can’t stop D’eriq.

They could still rank Fresno or Utah state in front of us in this scenario just to spite the American.


I am hoping for a 1 loss UCF, but not to Temple.

Question is how Temple will play us the following week if they take the lead in the East.

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UCF, if we have any chance at a NY6 bowl.

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It would be terrible for a team who lost to Villanova and Buffalo to beat UCF. Lets ESPN and the committee point to those losses to show the AAC is not really that strong.

One possibility, Temple wins tonight and UH hosts AAC championship Dec. 1 at 2:30
and grand opening for Frettita Center at 6:00.



We play UCF on the road…best thing to happen to us this year and win BIG…get the NY6 invite over an undefeated UCF…anything less is hogwash…I don’t want to host a CC game since CFP unranked us but added Fresno there…no CC game in Houston.


What I am wondering is - if we play an undefeated UCF in the AAC championship game - and we win - is there any possibility that nonetheless - we still get screwed and a now one loss UCF - is still ranked above a one loss UH (despite our win) - and they still sneak into the NY6 bowl?

No way that happens


Isn’t it highest ranked (Conferece Champions)…that would eliminate UCF in that scenario if UH was to win…