Who is a more consistent player?

Shead or Sasser?

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Well both play consistent defense every game :+1:

But obviously Sasser with his shooting has been up & down a bit.

Shead with his passing and mid range game, allows him to be a more consistent player

Even though Sasser was trying for 2s today, it doesn’t look as comfortable as Shead. Shead is a better pick & roll player.

My expectations for Sasser are much higher. And maybe few games he hasn’t met them. So i say Shead

Right now Shead, hands down. But I’m thinking Sasser will settle in and return to form

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Shead is, but part of that is that the other team always makes slowing Sasser its focal point.

Sasser needs to do a better job of not letting the other guys take him out of the game.

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the answer is sasser and it not sclose…

a lot of people here are saying shead, but they are comparing them to the expectation not actual consistency … who has lived up closer to their expectation the answer is shead…

but blank slate didnt know anything about either player and asked who was more consistent the answer is sasser
shead has horrendous level fg% and didnt make a 3 till like game 4… we just have a pre established notion that shead cant shoot so we dont neg him for that, and have an expectation that sasser can shoot which we are negging him for …sasser has found a way to put up point, assists, and defend every single game even without shooting at the highest clip (while getting élite defenders every game)

Consistent at what. Lots of answers here.

$head has been the better player all season and I don’t even think it’s been close.




$head shooting higher 3pt. % than Sasser… SMDH

im not sure how you see shead as being a better player so far, 6pts of 33% fg% is terrible by any measure, shead defends, but so thus sasser, so its wash there

And 2 of Shead’s misses in the Bama game were shot clock misses where he had to get a bad shot up.

Wasn’t the game tied and we give it to Sasser. He goes for a 3. Back iron miss late.

Alabama goes down. Offensive rebound, put back to take the lead.

Hes been banged up for sure. But his shooting against good teams (not Alcorn St type teams), against good teams has been off

And that’s why i give the nod to Shead. Shead can get guys looks. Sasser isnt that type of playmaker

Both are unselfish players which i love

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Simple as this… Shead ALWAYS shows up in big games… Marcus put up 3 3pt attempts in this game… 3…

I don’t want to hear about face-guarding… Blah blah blah…

Sasser seems to disappear when the lights are bright.

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Shead and its not close after today. If Shead wasnt playing we probably would have lost by 40 ngl


We need Sasser to live up to the hype as Pesik mentioned…

Who showed the scouts yesterday that they belong in the nba from the Coogs?


Bigger problem… JWALK only put up 4 shots (3-4) and 0 3s…

Shoot the ball young BALLER!


shead had 6 pts on 12 shots in the st marys game (horrendous level numbers) i dont get how shead always shows up in big games

i think there is some recency bias…

and its easier for shead to show up…good teams normally have a great perimeter defender, they are on sasser, shead gets the easiest defender

watch the st marys post presser… their coach flat says logan johnson is an elite level perimeter defender, and he could be argued as the best in the nation… that they knew they could keep sasser in check with johnson… he said what was surprising was Aidan Mahaney keeping shead in check, that he was worried about that pre -game becuase mahaney isnt a good defender… had the defensive assignement been switched sasser would have destroyed mahaney

Sasser 0-4 from 3 in that game… Shead more rebounds and steals that game…

I would like to see Shead look to hit the 5-6 foor wide open shot instead of looking for the assist right there… I feel like he ends up leaving that shot long or just throwing it up where it where be soft on the rim and we can play for the offensive put back.

Sasser got to the line 5 times in that game as well… And only had 8 points on 12 shots…


I really hate this conversation, though…

Because both a GREAT guards…

We need more from both… But especially Sasser’s 3.

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That hurts too. The defense can only take us so far when one of our supposed first rounders gets taken out the game easily and the supposed lotto pick won’t even take 5 shots in a game

The saving grace about today was that our offense was exposed so bad to the point that something HAS to be changed, bc if we don’t we will struggle to crack 50 vs UVA and will get upset in March

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