Who is the new QB going to be?

Tune or Holgorsen’s kid?

Tune according to Duarte.

It’s going to be Tune, but brace yourself, there will be people who haven’t seen him pass in 2019 telling you that he stinks.


Tune. Don’t forget about Bryson and Julon. Both possible could be in the mix.

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Does it matter whether he stinks? We’ve packed it in for the season. I honestly think we may - and I mean may - win one more game. That says nothing about Clayton Tune, who I think will be a decent player, or the rest of the players. That is just the mentality that is being implemented; this is a throwaway year.


Maybe we do a QB rotation to maximize redshirts.


I would say it depends upon how Tune plays the first four games. If most are lost, than a rotation wouldn’t surprise me.

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I think the guys who decided to transfer packed it in. Not the rest of the team, and not this coach. I can’t wait until Saturday when the real Coogs show their desire to win and pull it off. Hopefully when we win the cry babies(fickle fans) will be back on board.


I like Tune. This is why I hope we don’t burn his redshirt this season. Let him and Holgorsen split the rest of the starts.


I think CDH will redshirt him. As others have stated, there could be a possibility for the young QBs to split games. I think it works out for all QBs in that room. It keeps them engaged and develops them instead of having them sit on the bench every game behind King.


Personally I like the idea of a rotation system to keep redshirts for everyone. We probably need to do this across the board at all positions.


WR’s as well. It will be interesting to see what Stevenson is going to do. But we need to see Julon and company on the field asap. Maybe it will start Saturday!

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Tune vs North Texas, Cincinnati, Connecticut, and SMU, then sit him to preserve redshirt
Holgorsen vs UCF, Memphis, and Tulsa, then sit him to preserve redshirt
Bryson vs Navy, and we set the all-time NCAA record for combined rushing attempts in a game by both teams.

some of our fans may have joined King and Corbin in packing it in, but I haven’t and I doubt the team has either. Yes, there may be a group of players that have; I really don’t expect to see them much after this. I surely don’t think King and Corbin will play another down for UH regardless of their postering now.

Once Tune takes over and has the rest of this year under his belt, do you really think CDH will turn to a QB that quit on him? I don’t unless Tune turns out to be really bad which I don’t think will happen. I really think Tune will light it up, assuming the OL & other receivers don’t join DK and KC and quit as well.


Tune is going to get the ball moving and our running game is going to do what it does. I also think people are forgetting that Tune had little reps last year because Applewhite was a hoarder of QB reps! I’m not saying they’ve been split 50/50 with CDH, but i’d imagine it was a significant enough increase to where they have at least10 plays that Tune is good at!

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Wouldn’t have to do this if the previous staff had managed the roster correctly. Didn’t realize it was so out of whack, but yeah I like the rotation strategy too. These are the kind of things that I was hoping CDH would come in and fix.


Cary, no one is packing it for the season. Every scholarship player and potential walk on have a chance to earn a starting job. Resetting is a better reality. At 1 and 3 with deficiencies on all front it is not a surprise to me especially with a new Coaching staff.
Some of you are not board? That is your prerogative. I 100% support our program and the kids that are giving their all. The Team is always #1. Do some of you get it? I am asking this question because some of the posts have been purposely misguided. Again that is your prerogative. We are U of H. We are Coogs. It is damn time that some of you look in the mirror and accept the facts. Quite a few players are playing badly and they have to improve. That is how life works. Nothing is handed out to you. You earn it. Get it?
We will have a new QB. He needs his Team. He needs our full support. You want to express your displeasure? Fine but what message does it send to our starters and potential recruits?
Today Tune has the keyes. Like it or not he is our leader. Let’s all act like we are behind him. We can only gain from it.


Some people will be surprised at how well Tune does…He is a fine passer and also quick enough to scramble and be mobile…He will do well, and get some great experience…If he gets our passing game going, we are going to have a chance to win some games…Also use Bryson Smith to come in as a runner at QB…keep opponents off balance…i know we cant beat UCF on the road, but i am unwilling to concede ANY other games at this point…we need our team to continue to fight…


Neither have taken any snaps at QB although Smith did lineup in the Wildcat a few times last year. Had that great look-off pass for a two point conversion that was very sweet.

I said during the summer that I thought if there was a time to switch smith to QB it was this year because of our depth at WR. That was before Lark disappeared an singleton started dropping balls. Julon, he’s too short :wink::wink:

Shouldn’t be hard for them to be more accurate than King has been this year…