Why league basketball tournaments exist? Isn't the league Championship enough?

We play so many games during the season and a league Champion is crowned so why have a league tournement?
Three games in three days is even more than the NBA?
With a few days rest now we find ourselves even more banged up. Is that really necessary? Are the media demanding it?
I know all about the history of such tournament but again are they necessary?
I got it a team that sucked all season still has a chance to make March Madness.


More $$$$$$




They were started simply to make more #money.

The players suffer with the extra games.

Our 1968 team made The Final Four and played 33 games. We already have 34 games, plus Australia, and have not even begun March Madness.

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It’s greed more content for media partners more. Money for B12. It’s the player’s who suffer., possible injuries doesn’t make since to me.

When NCAA bids were hard to come by, they were significant. With a 68 team field, if you’re one of the 30 some odd schools that already have assured themselves a bid, it’s 3 more games. But, if you’re not in the top 5-6 in a P6 conference, the tournaments do mean a lot.

Remember when we made the NCAA tournament by winning the CUSA tournament after finishing 6th in conference? Should we have cancelled the conference tournament and just gone home? We weren’t going anywhere that year, NCAA or NIT, with out the 4 wins in 4 days.

I will admit, I feel that when the conferences were smaller and tournaments easier to travel to, they seemed more exciting because attendance was better. The Big XII tournament will have good attendance because KU, KSU, and ISU (OSU as well when they’re not at the bottom of the standings) are all within driving distance and it is good quality basketball. I’ll admit, with the Big XII expanding, I would have liked to see the tournament rotate between say KC, Houston, Dallas, and Denver. That drive between KC and Houston is a long one, it was about 13 hours when I used to make the drive between semesters.


Houston, Dallas, OKC, Denver will be tough since you are competing with the NBA teams but it can be done as the AAC tournament was hosted in Orlando and Memphis.

OKC would be good as it is close enough to the Texas schools and Kansas schools.

I’ve always thought that auto bids should go to REGULAR SEASON champions.

Conference tourneys are just an excuse to make more money.

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CKS said in a recent interview that he is for the tournament. We are currently in a position where the tournament hurts us more than helps us, but in the grand perspective, there’s a lot of decent teams that get helped by the tournament by catching fire at the time where it’s most important. Sampson needed the tournament in the past to help his teams, and he is still all about helping the underdog


He probably would get reprimanded if he said anything less.

Money and if an underdog wins its the conference can sneak an extra team into March Madness for even more money for the conference.

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Yep. Would NC State be in the tourney if there wasn’t a conference tournament?

It makes no sense whatsoever but for players to get injured.
This is a great reason for players to get paid.

This is why.

Two things:

First, has anyone thought to ask the players if they want to play? I’d bet they do. And that’s good enough for me.

Second, that extra money, at least a percentage, goes to UH. Can the tournament and UH loses money.

2023 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Championship sets record revenue for conference

" 2023 Big 12 Men’s Basketball Championship sets record revenue for conference"

as per everything else in life, it’s all about money. i honestly dont know why even a conference like the ivy league would not have all teams play in their tournament. it’s more money for the conference, the anera played at and location.

Major conferences should move their conference tournaments to the weekend before conference play starts and use it to kick off the conference season. Seed by NET ranking. Then give auto bid to regular season champ.

Media crying about being removed from court side up to a press box. The courtside seats are prime real estate for people who want those and will pay premium prices for them. Better than letting the press sit there for free.

Let the “press” pay their way in . . . . .

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As long as the B12 tournament is in KC and we are a tourney lock, we shouldn’t send our starters. Let the 4H schools have their invitational.

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