Why not have the best schools in the P5?

I know that this has talked about before, don’t understand why you don’t take the best programs regardless of conference to replace the Vanderbilts, Wake Forest, Boston Colleges etc… seems logical although it happen, because of $ & tradition.

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I am pretty sure that the vandy’s of the world would not go quietly into the night.


I know that’s right!

They need some built in patsies.

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When teams have a down stretch, for instance as we have had, do they get booted down and get replaced by a team on a good stretch? It’s pretty subjective as to which teams would be determined as best and I just don’t see the SEC, B1G, or any P5 kicking teams out of their conferences.

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This whole “P5” thing is ridiculous. Take the B10 for example, out side of OSU and Michigan, who are the annual powers? The ACC outside of Clemson is a joke.


Over the last 20 years think how things have moved. Michigan state made the playoff. Florida State has won a national championship. Virginia tech was a power house. Penn state has been top 10 a lot. Minnesota was a top 10 team last year. Iowa always just wins 9 games and hangs out in the top 25. North Carolina is gaining momentum right now under Mack brown. Clemson was bad 10 years ago. Even duke popped up in the top 25 for a bit. It is always shifting.


That is true, but look at the AAC:

UH - Usually good
UCF - A recent annual power
Memphis - Usually good
Navy - Usually good
Temple - Usually good
Cinn - Usually good
SMU - Getting better
Tulane - Getting better
ECU - Used to be good, can be again
USF - Decent can be good again
Tulsa - Our Vanderbilt

With UConn out of the mix, we rated higher than the ACC
Similar draft picks as the Big 12


Being in a P5 conference is like winning the birth lottery. The schools in now did nothing to gain access except being in the right conference before there were P5 schools. We won the birth lottery not by anything we did but because we were born here in the best country in the world. We aren’t getting in a P5 unless one expands or some one drops out.

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I think you’re right, that’s why I am not worrying about something we have no control over. We need to do the best we can in every sport, not beause of enhancing our P5 desirability; but because that’s always the goal of any team. We have a good conference, let’s make our first goal to win it instead of saying how bad it is. Obviously, if we were too good for the AAC, we would have a long string of consecutive conference championships.


If you did that, then it would keep a school most likely permanently “bad”. Oregon used to be a laughing stock for decades.

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There are about 5-10 P5 schools that are consistently bad, we are consistently good with some bad years sprinkled in there.

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It would be great if conferences adopted a promotion/relegation system similar to the European Soccer leagues.

If the SEC aligned with the AAC for example… bottom 2 of the SEC at years end get demoted, top 2 of AAC get promoted.

Big 10 aligns with MAC. ACC with CUSA, Big 12 with Sunbelt, etc.

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What is your definition of a good team? If it is 7-5 or 8-5, then we fire coaches who had good seasons. Of course during those seasons, our wins were mostly against teams with losing records, such as in 2018 when we were 8-5 and canned Major or in 2013 and 14 when we canned Tony. If that is good, then there has been a whole lot of grumbling over good seasons.

I call 7-5 and 8-5 above average winning seasons; but good is pretty subjective. I know there are a lot of schools that would be thrilled to have 8-5 seasons.

Starting in 2000 our records have been 3-8, 0-11, 5-7, 7-6, 3-8, 6-6, 10-4, 8-5, 8-5, 10-4, 5-7, 13-1, 5-7, 8-5, 8-5, 13-1, 9-4, 7-5, 8-5, and 4-8. So we have had 8 seasons equal to or less than .500, 10 seasons with 7 or 8 wins, and 4 seasons with 9 or more wins in this century.

Even so, starting in 2011, our records have been good enough to attract interest from a P5 IF we had packed stadiums and a really large group of traveling fans. But our history has shown that unless we are having at least a 10 or 11 win season, the fans will not pack the stadium. Even then, they will only do so against top teams – not just P5 teams – top teams.

You won’t find a more poly Coog than me. However, I can understand the reality of our program and fan base. It is the latter that holds back the former.


You must have missed the 90’s, dimel and Levine. We have 2 top 25 finishes since leaving the swc. Think about that. When you take off the rose color glasses and look at the 2 CUSA championships and 1 AAC championship it makes you wonder why p5’s aren’t banging on our door to let us in.

17 top 25 finishes since we started playing football in 1976. 7 of those happened in the 70’s which is our best decade of football. 5 top 25 finishes in the last 40 years.

Only 6 top 10 finishes ever, and only 2 in the last 40 years.

In that time Georgia Tech, Colorado, BYU and Washington all won national championships.

I guess it is how you define good.


Ian, did you mean to say since we started in the SWC, or did you have a typo and mean 1946? Either way, I get your point and am just wanting clarity and not meaning to be snarky.

Since leaving the SWC and being demoted in class into College Football vortex which affects recruiting, then yes. While we all know that the product was poor when we were left behind, but there were many years post-SWC where we didn’t know what to do or where to do it.

We are consistently medium. Our win/loss record is almost break even. So the OPs premise wouldn’t help us.

General relegation, though, would be a good thing.

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As in all questions you must look to the Holy Book. No not the Bible. The Godfather scripts.

Why wouldn’t the P5 consider this proposal.

Because we are small potatoes and the five families don’t think much of us.

UH is the Rosato Brothers trying to move into UT’s area and the Corleones (UT) will not have it.

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  1. Whoops. I was on a roll.