Take the time to dig into Willie Fritz and see what an absolute Gem the Coogs have as their HC.

Player (Defensive Back) - Pittsburg State University.

JUCO Head Coach - Blinn Junior College
2 National Championships
Junior College Football Hall of Fame

DIVISION II Head Coach - University of Central Missouri
All time winningest Coach in the toughest conference in Division II Football

FCS Head Coach - Sam Houston State
Played in Back-to-Back National Championship Games

FCS/FBS Head Coach - Georgia Southern
Won the Conference

FBS (G5) Head Coach - Tulane University
Greatest Single Season Turnaround in College Football History and National Coach of the Year (2022)

FBS (P4) Head Coach - The University of Houston; in the 4th largest city in the US; in the state with the best HS Football in the Country. Since his arrival, took the Recruiting class from @#105 to #48 ranked class with a ship that had supposedly “Sailed?”

Do the research at each of his stops along the way and then take the time to meet him. Then You’ll understand the Man I’ve known for 28 Years. A down to earth, genuine Family Man and WINNER!

I can’t wait to see the reaction of Coog Fans and others when they are surprised by what I already KNOW will happen.

I suspect Houston will beat a couple of teams they’re not supposed to beat this Fall, go bowling in his first season as HC, and win the Big12 in the next 2-3 years.

Enjoy the ride Coog Fans…


One last thing…

They were ALL Major Turnarounds, at every level of college football. It’s a pattern You see in the Best Coaches in Football and Willie has it “In Spades”.


In Frtitz we trust :saluting_face:


Here’s hoping!

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I won’t mention “here’s hoping”.
HCWF has proven to all of its HC stops that he has:

  1. Turn the program around.
  2. Made the program relevant.
  3. Won.

You don’t have to sell us on Fritz. Most of us here are already believers. I think making a bowl this season is a fine goal. I agree it’ll take 2-3 years before the program is ready to truly contend for a conference title. But it’s good to feel like we’re headed in the right direction. We haven’t felt that say in about 8 years, and then only briefly.


He sounds qualified.

Umm, yeah….thats what the OP just said.

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I’ve spoken with a couple of his assistants….it would not surprise me at all if we were really good sooner than most believe possible.

Just from the conversations I’ve had, I think recruiting in the years to come recruiting is going to be better than we have seen in YEARS.


IMO, we have someone that finally we, and others, can call a “good man”-both football and life. Its been forever it seems like since we’ve had one of those. A mom or dad knowing that can sure sway a recruit toward us and away from those programs that can’t say that. (ex: UH the last 5 years)

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Agreed….Tony was a great guy, but in over his head from a coaching standpoint….

Briles, Sumlin( kinda) and Herman could coach but were lacking on the “good man, ethical side”.

Dana was neither….train wreck.

And now it seems we have a coach we can truly be proud of. :+1:


I disagree about Levine.

Herman came in and inherited a great roster and looked like a coaching wizard but as we have seen, he is not so great when his players aren’t great, or when the competition is tougher (or both).

I don’t think Levine was the next Nick Saban but I would like to see what he could’ve done with a little more time.


Isn’t it great to have a UH FB HC who is respected, disciplined, motivated, has a strong work ethic and loves to be here.

It’s a refreshing change that’s long overdue.


The fact remains is that we have 5 conference road games this year in addition to a trip to Oklahoma.

And two of the conference home foes finished 2023 ranked in the Top 25. Our home opener UNLV played in the MWC title game last year and returns their coach Barry Odom who was a candidate for the UH job.

I put the Over Under on wins in 2024 at five. Six wins and a bowl trip against this schedule would be incredible. In all probability, we don’t make a big jump in the Win column until Willie’s second season.

Which is what happened with Willie at Blinn, Central Missouri & Sam Houston St. At Tulane it took 3 years to get it going.


I feel like a lot of CoogFans think this is some sort of major rebuild, imo I do not think so

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Not with the portal.

Yep … but it will be more funner!

Go Coogs!

Well, he has 5 years to right the ship, after that he’s likely to retire.

Yup. I loved Levine, had he had a competent OC he would have been successful here. He just wasn’t willing to cut T Bush.