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Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker has aggravated one of the internet’s biggest culture wars by telling a class of college graduates that one of the “most important” titles a woman can hold is homemaker.

During a commencement speech last weekend at Benedictine College, a Catholic liberal arts school in Atchison, Kansas, the NFL player railed against abortion, Pride month and Covid-19 lockdown measures.

So I’m not even going to get into the actual content here in any sort of real breakdown, there’s no real need for it.

I’m going to hit two things.

1 the complete and utter shamelessness and lacking in self awareness of Butker’s speech. His mom was no “homemaker” his mom is a freaking medical physicist working on cancer at Emory. I mean you can’t respect a guy who takes a sh*t on his mom.

2 How much of a d*ck weasel do you have to be to take an invitation to give a commencement and make sure the whole thing is all about you and your politics. I mean if you want to Harrison Butler conservative icon and NFL kicker. That’s fine, there are literally dozens of ways to do this and not take away from other people’s moments.

Really that was long way to say


My wife had thoughts on his speech…“He gives off small kick energy”.

Then there is this…


I guess the point (at least mine) is that commencement speeches are just opinions and unless there is any kind of threatening entreaties or suggestions, this kind really weird misogynistic horse :poop: should be tolerated if not ignored.

Wow, that puts things in a different perspective.

My wife stays home. It was her choice. She has a degree in computer science from UH but she decided (not me) to stay home with the kids. I think it’s been a good thing for our family but that’s us, not anyone else. Both my parents worked as did my wife’s parents. I’m raising my daughter to make her own choice in that space too.

All that to say, don’t put your beliefs or situation on anyone else. They are yours, not theirs. Doing this in commencement speech makes it all the more worse. Be better dude.


If I’m reading this right, he didn’t say that homemaker was a woman’s ONLY role, only appropriate role, or even her only important role.

He simply said it was ONE OF a woman’s most important roles; one that more than one woman voluntarily embraces (see rtcoog’s post).

Let’s not read this in any other way.

Would anyone here dispute that for women that choose to say at home, that is one of their most important roles?

All right then.

Let’s not overreact and make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Hell, there are a lot of girls from my high school, some of whom did better in HS than I did, and some of whom even have graduate degrees and previously had careers outside the home, who are now stay at home Moms. They’ve CHOSEN to take on that role.

For women that choose that role…it’s certainly one of their most important roles.

Any arguments?


From 100 years ago

It [feminism] is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.
G.K. Chesterton


If you look at my own college educated Mom, she has a degree and had careers as both an elementary school teacher (6 years), and a long career (decades long) as a buyer for an engineering firm.

Sandwiched in between those two careers, however, was a 10 year stint as a stay at home Mom/homemaker.

It was definitely ONE OF her most important roles, as this guy (according to Johnny) said.

So to me, when he says that, he isn’t saying anything I disagree with.

Would anyone here disagree…in the face of what I just said?

All right then.

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Chesterton was one the great minds. Read quite a lot of his stuff

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The context of the speech seems to indicate a bit more but maybe you are right.

He also made a lot of political points (against Biden, covid lockdowns, and birth control) which was curious for a commencement speech.

I don’t think a commencement speech was the place for any of that. I can also see why women would take offense to what he said.

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Heck, my own wife has two Master’s degrees in Architecture, one of which is from an IVY LEAGUE school.

She’s had decades of experience as a practicing architect, and now works for what is probably Houston’s largest architecture firm (PGAL).

But for three years when I was wrapping up my military career, she was basically a military wife who made a nice home for the two of us full time.

It was ONE OF her most important roles as well, so if that’s what the guy said (that’s what Johnny says anyway), then I can’t say that he’s incorrect.

He had given a commencement speech before. Whoever decided he would speak wasn’t surprised. In any event, the kids got their diplomas.

Full transcript here.

Also looking into Benedictine this a very, very conservative Catholic school. So really the message in his speech fits the audience including the part about women and everything else. I mean I dislike basically all of it, and his belief system. But I’ve also been told I don’t have to actually be his friend. Which is nice because he sure seems like an overly judgy d-bag.

Maybe he should follow the advice that many in media seem so fond of telling black athletes. “Shut up and kick the football.”


Well, being Catholic myself, I can’t say that I dislike his religious beliefs or practices, if that’s what you mean by his “belief system.” I kinda dig said belief system, actually.

As for Benedictine, I had a colleague, a fellow South Asia Foreign Area Officer, in my last assignment in the Army who was a graduate of that school. Very impressive Officer and genuinely great guy. His wife had me and my wife over for Dinner one time; they have three kids together, and also adopted an additional child. His wife is a “homemaker.” I’m sure that it’s an important role for her…and that she’d probably get PO’d if you tried to dispute that.

“Heck, my own wife has two Master’s degrees in Architecture , one of which is from an IVY LEAGUE school”.

Congrats Law, sounds like you have a very educated wife.

My wife has but one college degree, it’s only a bachelor’s and it’s from Southwest Texas St……However, she was a cheerleader there as well as an accomplished gymnast….She even finished in the top ten of the Miss Texas pageant back in the day( might have won if she were a few inches taller).
I think I did alright too.



If it helps I don’t discriminate on religiosity. I am equally disdainful of all organized religion.

I mean if she was happy and it was her choice, good on her. If she was raised to believe, or heavy handedly pushed into it as her appropriate role in life I do take exception to that.

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I agree but I’d rather err on the side of giving people more leeway than less when given commencement speeches or acceptance speeches, etc.

I personally find what he said as abhorrent but censoring his speech is a path I’m not willing to tread. That would indeed be a slippery slope.

This guy is an aberration and should be treated as such.

I personally do not know you or anything, but that sounds like some solid out kicking of the coverage.


I’m not saying he should be censored. Just giving my opinion.

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