Women’s Volleyball

Excellent day for the team. Vastly improved over the last few years! Take down the Pac10 and the SEC in just one day to win the title.


The program took a nose-dive when they moved the home court out of Hofheinz. It must have been tough getting good players to sign when you had to tell potential recruits, “oh, by the way, we play our home matches in a practice facility”. Now that they’re back where they belong, things seem to have improved quickly. Hopefully Rehr can get them back to where Bill Walton had them in the 1990’s, when they were NCAA tourney regulars.


I fully agree. Excited to see Volleyball and Soccer back to their winning ways.

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I understand we recently got a commitment from a Ridge Point player and if you follow high school volleyball you know that has to be good

Let us not let the volleyball team fly too far under the radar, either. The team is 8-1 to date. The team has a three match weekend - beginning shortly (10 am our time) and highlighted by a match against Bama in Tuscaloosa. That game is televised on the ESPN/SEC network 6 pm our time.


Went 2-1 in Alabama’s tournament; now 10-2 on the season. I think they deserve our support. They are going to be very difficult to beat going forward. Great job by the coaching staff and players.


If I understand correctly, the team begins conference play this upcoming weekend. As you note, worth following and supporting (as is the soccer team - who play tonight on ESPN+ I believe).

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Things are moving forward in both soccer and volleyball. My son told me we have a commitment from a Ridge Point volleyball star who is a junior.
Now get softball back in line and lady hoops going strong and we are set!


My hotshot god-daughter plays for Plano West. How do I get her in front of our coaching staff? Anyone got any contacts?


Another big game tonight for the Lady Coogs. After what, to me, was a surprising loss at home to Tulsa to start conference play - the ladies have dominated the last three conference opponents- and are in the middle of a four game road sojourn - longest of the year. The bad new - they have to spend a weekend in Florida - - the good news - game tonight against the lady mouseketeers is on ESPN+ for those that subscribe and have good internet connections.

Impressive road victory for the spikers, diggers and setters. Third road win in a row. Announcers said UCF was undefeated in conference and leading the league. I surmise Coogs now on top. Go Coogs


Just finished it on ESPN+. Great match.

Total points scored was equal after five sets. About as close as it comes.

Also, announcers said it was UCF’s first conference loss in two years.


Congrats to the team. Keep it going. We can win the CC this year.

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Swept 4 game road trip. Well done lady coogs.


Awesome! Go Lady Coogs.

Interesting weekend for the volleyball team. I was able to only watch snippets of the Friday match v. SMU, but it looked to my untutored eye, that UH ran into the proverbial buzzsaw - the Ponies played very well.

Sunday - I saw most of that match and the Coogs were extremely good. 

So, I believe their conference record is now 6-2 and they remain well positioned.  I think UCF still leads the conference by one game - but UH has a win over UCF in Orlando.

Again, I do not know enough about volleyball to offer any sophisticated analysis, but to my eye, the Coogs are quite good and I enjoy watching the matches more than I imagined I might.

We should have beaten SMU, but i don’t know what happened maybe we took them lightly after winning in Orlando?

I don’t know enough to have any opinion more than my very subjective view - but to me it just looked like SMU was “hot” that night - kind of like when our Final Four to be men’s basketball team lost to ECU - sometimes it happens.

Whatever the reason - the team came out Sunday and was utterly dominant.

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