World Class Cheap Skates

I see people going into Fertitta with empty, plastic souvenir drink cups from previous games so they can get free soda. This is bold, shameless, world class mooching. Or just plain stealing. I’m embarrassed for you.


So I donate around $2k/year to Cougar Pride, plus football+basketball season tickets, around $50/game on concessions, travel to postseason basketball, etc. But because my daughter likes the souvenir cup and she can get free lemonade at games, I’m a “world class cheap skate”

Why don’t you just enjoy the game and mind your own business moneybags?


Not a cheap skate.

No word in the English language but there is a perfect word in Yiddish.



Just don’t buy the over-priced crap

When you buy them they tell you they are good all season and to bring them back to other games.


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Wait. We can do that? I’ve been a STH since day one at FC and didn’t know they have that policy. I’ve done the same for Astros game since 2017. Buy large souvenir cup or 2 beginning of the season and refilled drinks whole year. Nothing wrong with saving money. Matter of fact, I bring my own bottles of water and foods to eat at Astros games too. Alcohol too if you really want to. Everything is overpriced at all stadiums now.

I beg to differ. If you Goggle “cheap skate” a definition comes up. The Internet is the new dictionary.

However, Schnorrer also works.

Hey now… I paid for that plastic cup good money!!!

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Lol do you think the vendors don’t know this happens? Somehow I bet they still make money.
I wonder if they refill bottled cokes? Asking for a friend lol.
I have gone to local movies where I have seen people actually digging used cups out of the trash, wiping them off and filling them up!
Go Coogs, beat Memphis

We are in the club section and we bring our UH cups. It saves the school money on not us having to waste cups every game. So, we are saving the school money.

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Trust me that ain’t losing money on carbonated water and syrup - now the $10 wings lol? I have an issue

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“pour it in my hand for a dime!”

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Imagine being cheap by not wanting to pay 12 dollars every single time you’re there and them encouraging you to bring it to get free refills.


Be the ultimate cheapskate, bring the cup from the football season.


Speaking of cheap skates, the dairy Ashford roller rink is still a fun place to take the kids. It’s still pretty inexpensive!


Yeah, like…there’s no way the cost of the soda for the rest of the season isn’t covered by the markup on the cup, lol.

I know someone that gets a popcorn and the free refill before tipoff. And he hasn’t been turned down yet.