Would you bring back Judas Herman?

He was a winner here.


Hell No!


Only to get Paul Wall’s golden teeth back and then can him, immediately after, by finding out another coach took his job.

I’m sorry, but in this situation, my nickname is “Petty LaBelle”.

No one has even hired him yet as an oc…kinda surprising

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Yes…BUT…you give him a heavy performance baaed contract (wins+ conference championship + playoff appearances) AND a ridiculously high buyout clause.

He knows he has won here…if he’s hungry and humbled enough he may take that contract to still prove he is the genius he thinks he is.

He really took us to new heights.

Yes, he left…but he left for his dream job.

If he doesn’t take that type of contract, then No.

The thing about herman is he had success with a veteran group he inherited and he was only here 2 years and never was able to develop his own recruiting classes…so who knows how he would have done. In year two we beat ou and Louisville but also lost a couple games we shouldn’t have. When he was at texas he struggled developing his recruiting classes.


Not a believer in CDH yet, but I’d keep him 100% over Herman


I think he believes he’s completely above us now. He likely believed he was above us when he was here


He burned us once if he came here and did well it would be the same mess over again. He and his agent would be fishing for any top job that came open.

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Yea!!! Wil he do the seatz app service?

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Then put that into to contract - a incentive heavy contract with a huge buyout clause daring him to leave.

That’s it- he would have to agree to a contract like that if he wanted to return here.

It is a P5 job in the state of Texas and he is unemployed- we have more leverage now

Herman will probably do well at his next stop, but he burned his bridge here. I’d bring in Gary Patterson.

Having said that, we are stuck with Holgi.


i genuinely believe greg ward was the magic sauce in the Herman years, i dont believe in Herman any more than i believe in dana


Yep that and he inherited a defense that was already performing well.

To the OP:


During his time as a HC Herman had the most losses to unranked opponents while his teams were ranked of any coach in the country.


Um no, I don’t think I would find that appealing at all.

Thank you for asking though.

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Hell nah…he can stay in the depths of hell for all I care.

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Nah. Dude sniffs his own farts. He’s washed.


Throw ethics and dignity out the window and hire:

HC: Tom Herman
OC: Art Briles
DC: Todd Orlando?
Recruiting coordinator and TDECU food vendor : Tony Levine
Entertainment director and offensive analyst: John Jenkins
Football facility bartender: CDH