Would you hire Gary Patterson as our DC going to the big 12?

Why don’t we hire Saban, too.


4th and 20

Fans are fickle. We were 6th nationally in total defense last year and folks were saying they hoped Belk would stay until we got into the Big 12. Now let’s show him the door.


He’ll more than likely land a HC job next season

4th and 20. Patterson wouldn’t have lost this game! Hire him in a NY minute!

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We are stuck with Dana.

Yes if needed if belk leaves

Yeah that’s why TCU had a losing record two of the last three seasons and were a game over .500 the third season.

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Patterson is better than Belk, or any other candidate we could mention.

Our defensive regression this season is there for all to see.

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I know Dana won’t leave but maybe we can upgrade that position going into the Big 12 and the playoffs expanding.

The head coaching job is 10x more attractive than it was 3 years ago!!!

No longer a stepping stone job for a bunch of reasons we all know.

When UH hired Holgerson he was the best candidate due to certain circumstances.

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Patterson is a defensive genius…I would love him as DC or HC with influence over defensive schemes …Never lucky enough for THAT to happen…

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Didn’t Smoo put up more points against the frogs last season than against us?

idt he would entertain the thought of leaving an SEC-bound team for us.

I also feel like his personality & Holggi’s would clash.

he’s not leaving Texas who’s going to the “SEC” to be a DC in Houston. There will be HC jobs that will open its way up from here to the end of season. Not to mention his asking price may be a bit high.

He’s been a very successful head coach. He’s not coming here unless it’s as a favor to Dana.


Or to replace Dana.

As an analyst im not sure how much input he has the defense as a whole…im sure he helps out with scheme and some other stuff. His defenses at tcu the last 4 years were really bad.

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A lot


Nebraska should consider Patterson IMO

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I’m not sure he’s come here. His former AD, Del Conte, at TCU hired him at ut. He’s a fantastic defensive coach. I like Belk but we did give up 35 first downs and Tech dominated a the time of possession. Tech is not very good and BTW, played their second team qb

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