WOW! “Misused At Houston” - (Regarding Oliver)

Remarks about Oliver. Bad for Major!


Yep, they said that at least 3 times. Also, they said to take the tape of him at houston and throw it in the trash that he can really play. Ouch!

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He was misused under Applewhite.


Louis Riddick is one of the brighter minds in the NFL. He has been crapping all over Major and D’Onofrio all night long.


I tend to agree. He was misused by a DC that ultimately got Applewhite fired. We’re talking about a historically bad defense if Oliver isn’t on the team.


Its probably why Donofrio hasnt landed a job yet

Chic fil a is always an option

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Applewhite was awful, he had ZERO business being the HC at UH. THANK YOU RK and Uncle T for pulling the plug on that disaster


How many NFL draft picks are we going to have from last years defense? Think about that, how bad our defense WITH NFL talent.


Oliver, Johnson, Egbule, Anderson, Sprewell. That’s all I can think of. I think Chambers and Turner will be drafted, but they were both hurt.

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Yep, that how much “over their head” the whole coaching staff was. That includes Briles, ive never seen such a disconnection between the O and the D as indid last year. Ultimately that falls on the HC.

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To be fair, Khator and Fertitta also hired Applewhite, who many (most?) thought was going to be a disaster.

Thankfully, that terrible mistake was fixed fairly quickly.


They didnt have very many choices…

They reacted too quickly after Herman bailed !!

Of course, having an outstanding AD with all kinds of knowledge and connections helped immensely !!

Let’s move on…

CMA was a good man, but his tenure here was the very definition of mediocre. Really low energy head coach.

Still baffles me why he would worry about a stupid jacket, when his star QB went down with a season ending injury.

Ed is better suited as a DT in a 4-3 defense not a NT in a 3-4 like he was at UH. That is why they are getting the criticism but in all fairness Todd Orlando played him in the same position his only year with Ed.


It ain’t rocket science.

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Actually, Orlando moved him around a lot more. He played him at NT but also played him at both DE positions as well. Orlando played exclusively at NT.


The proof of our defensive ineptness is in the pudding, and also on national tv.

I can’t believe there were coach d backers. One even posted all those videos trying to justify an awful defensive coordinator.


They thought we needed him at NT. The problem was in Dorito’s scheme. You can’t have your best player triple teamed on the interior while you play you inside linebackers in left field.

Orlando gave offenses a hell of a lot to consider when Oliver was on nose. There were things happening everywhere with that defense. Dorito’s scheme was catastrophically ill-conceived and easily subverted by even the most novice OC. Hell, SMU of all teams turned his playbook to dirty toilet paper and made him eat it. There was no place Oliver could play that could make Dorito successful.


It was historically bad WITH Oliver…tells you how bad our DC was.

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