Weird. Looks like the cyclist ran a cold red light and the driver wasn’t at fault. Wonder why she didn’t stop?

Weirder…dude get plowed by an SUV and nobody seems to give a crap. Glad I don’t live in New Jersey.

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It was not her fault, the cyclist ran the light. Yeah, no thank you, to hoping people in NJ care if you are hurt on the street.

But lets not talk about the Gym guy in office, that will get flagged.

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I am not going to use a gif for your comment.
These are your words:
It was not her fault, the cyclist ran the light. Yeah, no thank you, to hoping people in NJ care if you are hurt on the street.

Take the green light/red light out of this.
A collision happened
She kept on going

Question for you:
You hit a bicycle, car or amish buggy will you stop or keep on driving?

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This was really bad. That said, I have no idea who this woman is and really don’t care to know who she is.

I don’t know why we are talking about it (ok, maybe I do).

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Why do people hit and run? Maybe something else to hide?

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I’d guess so.

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The hit and run was bad.

Appears the cyclist was 100% at fault, and so the driver can only be guilty of fleeing the scene.

I don’t think she should be forced to resign, but, like anyone else, there ought to be an investigation, and, if found guilty of something that would necessitate jail time, THEN she resigns.

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She knew she hit the cyclist. You have a responsibility to stop and render aid. This is just human decency. Maybe she was drunk or high? NJ has legalized recreational pot.

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She should have stopped but it was not her fault however, she failed to render aid. But forced to resign, no, but an investigation is needed and if there is guilt, then yes.


Dude left his other flip flop in the road! You can tell he is from Jersey too. Knew to get straight up and get out of the road, don’t get hit a second time!


Drunk? Drugs?

Phone ?

That also is a possibility

Maybe she had a dead body in the trunk

Does this qualify…as one of our favorite posters like to say as…

“A political hit piece”? …pun was intended.



Cant believe he walked away from that

So this absolutely a scene where No. 1 I have 0 sympathy for the cyclist. I have sympathy when they are minding their own business, following the rules of the road like not running red lights, etc.

But she should have stopped and rendered aid, or whatever the law. says she should’ve done. If this was anytime except the last 10 years she would’ve already resigned. But no one resigns in disgrace anymore the playbook is now dig in, ignore, deflect and trust the attention span of average American. And it will work too.


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