Yormark says P4 relationship best it’s ever been!

Famous last words?



He’s been here for what, a year? Best it’s been in a year? Sweet.


It means Yormark is as sick of hearing P2 this and P2 that as i am! He feels our league has a good relationship with SEC/BIG and thinks our future is in good shape.


I’m tired of hearing COOGS say it for sure!!!


If he really believes that I am sure he’d be interested in buying a tower in Paris that I’m selling.

Jokes aside, if I were him I’d ask SEC/B10 to give me an observer role in their group. No vote, not even opportunities to voice his opinion, just observe and listen. I doubt Sankey and Pettite will agree to that.


…and then watch the P2 make their move for a 2 x 24

BY could be right bc articles/ journalism are written to get a shock effect which over blows the true reality of the situation. He knows more than us so if he’s confident then it’s a great sign. The news or articles rarely say all is well bc then they get no viewership or a lot less coverage so they have to put out dirty laundry then we all read it and think it’s truth.


I don’t see that happening. Why would ESPN/FOX be willing to pay 8 more teams SEC/B1G money and then alienate a lot of fan bases in the process. It doesn’t make sense how this would be a good business decision…


Because they can control the whole map with 48-50 schools and have enough broad coverage, and fan interest. to be viewed as the top tier of college football.

Right now, they have too many fans outside of the P2 to make that claim.

You add the remaining brands that are P2 worthy are or, arec close to P2 worthy.

There are still too many powerful #1 state flagship shchools, with deep pockets and legal influence, that can create a scene if they are left out.

If you are a school that didnt make the cut for 48-50 P2 brands, its obvious you don’t have a case.

Then, ESPN + FOX takes the PAC + Big 12 + ACC leftovers and essentially makes them G# programs by paying them around $10 million /year which will save HUGE cost.

Instead of paying a Big 12 school, like Baylor, $31 million…you drop them to the $10 million range just like WSU and OSU

The PAC contract has expired.
The Big 12 contract expires in 2031
The ACC contract expires in 2027.

They are using the Big 12 as the 'holding conference ’ until they can make their final P2 additions. Watch when they slow play renewing the Big 12 contract.

And YES there are enough brands in the ACC + Big 12 to fill out that 2 × 24 + 2 possible P2 level Independents (ND + BYU).

For those that don’t think this is the end game, you haven’t been paying attention to chess match going on.

It just takes time to methodically move the pieces to the B1G or SEC.

This is why BY is trying to load up on basketball schools…he sees the writing on the wall that the Big 12 will NEVER be a tier 1 P2 level football conference…even if we add the non P2 worthy ACC leftovers.

Adding Duke football won’t make us P2 level

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Who says that the P2 don’t already control the map?

The only region that they don’t already dominate is the Rockies, and they don’t need that region in order to be the P2.

Sorry. Not buying it.

They’d have to add 14 teams, and there simply aren’t that many value additive brands remaining.

If the P2 break away, they’ll do so with no more than five additional teams.

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Because there are too many powerful schools, like Florida State , that have a legitimate case to prove they are P2 worthy.

The 2 x 24 will leave no doubt, that those on the outside, do NOT belong.

You can’t leave as many #1 or #2 powerful ($$ and political wise) State Flagship schools on the table as there currently is.

Getting to 2 x24 means adding 6 to to B1G and 8 to the SEC. (Less if ND officially joins)

I can easily see the P2, or “almost” P2 worthy brands, to fill out those slots.

There are no more than five such schools, including ND, that would add value to the P2.

NOT 14.

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Not about value solely…it’s also about creating leverage to “demote” the non P2 brands to $10million / year G# level status.

That will

  1. take a huge amount of money off the books for ESPN + FOX
  2. further the divide between P2 and the lower tiers thus increasing the value of the P2
  3. eliminates schools that have a legitimate case to challenge the P2 in court. (I.e. Wake Forest/Boston College/ Baylor, with a straight face, can’t claim they are P2 worthy but Kansas, Utah, Arizona, etc…CAN.

Think Big Picture…and ALWAYS follow the money

Not sure I agree.

Kansas definitely is NOT a P2 value football brand. That’s why the B1G REJECTED them.

AZ isn’t much better in that regard.

Utah likes to think of themselves as being P2 worthy, but remember, it was Hell for them to even get into the PAC.

Given that…I don’t see them getting an invite to the P2.

Sorry, but beyond ND, and 2-4 ACC schools, no one else will attract a P2 invite anytime soon.

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I’m almost certain that any further stratification of college football will not be good for us.


Answer me this, then

How did Oregon and Washington land a P2 spot after the B1G rejected them immediately after they invited USC & UCLA?

How did Houston get in the Big 12 after they PUBLICLY, and in embarrassing fashion, rejected them AT LEAST 3 times since 1995?

You need to let go of your one track thoughts…these things are fluid.

They made a n exception for football weak, but Basketball Blueblood UCLA, why wouldn;t they do the same for Kansas IF they are a big brand, a state flagship, fit in with their footprint, and are making extensive improvements to their facilities as we speak.

The 100% have an argument for being P2 worthy…the P2 has until 2031 to move the Big 12 pieces around.

Stay Tuned!

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What is he going to say “The P2 are a bunch of a$$holes.”?

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If this is the case, you need a shake up in conference teams, having NWestern and Vanderbilt in the “top tier” is not right. Heck even Maryland, Rutgers and Miss St. should go.


Not sure all of those schools you mention should be in the same class.

Maryland, Rutgers and Miss State are huge Flagship Public Schools of their state

North Western and Vanderbilt are prestigious wealthy private schools so I don’t see them getting the boot.

The P2 will add schools more like Maryland, Rutgers (University of New jersey) and Mississippi State…but not the smaller private schools.

Except ND.

And they’ll only add 2-4 more big public schools, as I said.