Yormark says UH will get…

The COT was weird they had the construction majors in there, whereas other schools have construction in engineering or architecture… I graduated in arch because I am not a quitter and went to work in construction and my Aggie friends that started in arch switched to construction which was easy because it was the same college and they took some of the same classes.


I’d be curious to know how many students are using the shuttles between campuses today, how many drive between the campuses during the day, and what that looks like in 2 years after
the transition is complete. I’d also like to know how many of the Sugarland Engineer Tech Dept classes are in the day and how many are in the evenings . Also I’d like to know how many
of those 4,500 students are part time students.

Interesting site that compares UH to various (desired) peer groups (2022 data). UH looks very
efficient on the cost side.

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It didn’t even occur to me that students would be shuttling between campuses for classes, or because they live at central campus but take engineering Technology classes.

I simply figured that they’d have taken all their core, and elective, classes at central campus and would only be taking all their engineering classes at the new campus.

But if they are doing a double major, or a minor, and have to take classes at central campus, then what a real cluster of wasted time.

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The cows have had fancy cars for DECADES. Peculiar for “student athletes”.