You tired of Whitting yet?

Respectfully disagree.

This just does not hold water….Texas St., Dallas Baptist, UTSA, Coastal Carolina, Campbell, Indiana st.,
Troy, Kent St., etc.

I could go on and on and on….these programs don’t have facilities as nice as UH and they are getting done.
Baseball coach at UH is a great gig….especially now heading into the Big 12.

How did RN manage to have so many great seasons?
TW had a few when Frank Anderson was here.

There are a dozen coaches that can come in and turn the program around rather quickly.


Do you think that Noble could recruit in the current portal/NIL climate? I wonder if admin would consider bringing him back. I know he interviewed for the SHSU job a few years back.

You know the schedule would be upgraded.

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Noble always had great schedules and challenged his teams.
Honestly I think it may have passed him by at this point…Most of the HS coaches he knew have retired or moved on.
Some of the Showcase programs are still around but with different leadership.

I respect Noble but it would be a hard pass for me.


Not a real complete article but I’m glad that someone other than us has pointed it out.

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Sean Allen to the courtesy phone please


Not sure who pepperseed is or what he said but it’s really tiring and immature of you to constantly berate fellow coogs…Grow Up!

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Actually, you just joined 10 days ago and you are coming to “Pepperseeds” rescue? :joy::joy::joy:

Lol dude….So it looks like “ pepperseed/Coogs2u/CCoog has either created yet another account so it looks like there are TWO people as rotten as him….or 92010 has made his comeback….

Either way….get lost.


Grow up! I’m guessing you’re in your teens and female

Pepper confirmed! :joy:


Admittedly I’m not a huge baseball fan, I hit a few games a season, nice thing to do when the weather warms up, and it’s always good being back on campus. I think U of H should be competitive in every sport we play. It’s not happening now. Perfect time for a change based on his contract.


If that bothers you. You will be VERY unhappy here.

Someone attacks you or says something f-ed up and/or stupid.
Tell em off and move on.
You can also put people on ignore.
You can also mute topics & whole categories.

Back to Ole Whit.
That the women’s hoop HC is still at UH worries me in the context of Whit gone soon.


Thanks! Good advice. Didn’t know about that feature here

If Sean Allen steps foot on Cullen Blvd, we’ll be in the regionals in 2 years.


One has to think he’d bounce from Ohio State in a heartbeat to head back to the state of Texas.


I am seriously gun shy about alumns running the show. Dang you Clyde!! Is there anyone else in consideration besides Sean Allen? Do y’all think Shane Nance could help coach up pitching? :frowning_face:

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To answer the thread topic question…



I don’t like alums in executive positions. The divorce is usually embarrassing for both sides

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Thing is Clyde was beyond lazy and had no coaching experience….I would say Sean Allen is the opposite of that.

Been putting in time and grinding for years.