2019 American Athletic T&F Championships - Wichita - May 10-12 (Men win Conference again!)

(Patrick) #81

Freshman Devion Wilson ran a 13.96 which may qualify him for regionals depending on results around the country. Based off last week’s times, he would be sitting 46th.

(Patrick) #82

(Patrick) #83

1-2-6-8 in the 400m. Montgomery easily wins the 400m

Coogs in 2nd now, about 39 points back of Wichita State. Just a matter of when now.

(Patrick) #84

Tamayo-Garcia goes ahead and jogs her 100m after injuring her hamstring. Finishes 8th, but gets the Coogs a point.


Should we be worried? Didn’t think :thinking: it would be this close

(Patrick) #86

Nah, we’re fine. Still have the 100m and 200m where we have 6 of the 8 runners in both events. We’ll get at least 29 points from both events. We’ll also get points from the 800m (possibly a win), 400m hurdles (will win) and the 4x400 (will win)

(Patrick) #87

(Randy Randel) #88

Burke runs 9.95!

(Patrick) #89

That is nuts!!!

(Patrick) #90

10 points back of Wichita State after the 100m

(Patrick) #91

We have no shot at the women’s title this year. Not enough athletes left.

(Randy Randel) #92

Unfortunately wind-aided but still nuts!

(Patrick) #93

Yeah, too bad on the wind, but it’s good to see him hitting his stride again. He was struggling after that good mark he opened up with in Outdoors.


Shockers putting up a fight… they have 3 qualifiers leading the triple jump… and we have none


Is the 9.95 the best ncaa time this year?

(Patrick) #96

No, 9.94 by a Tech runner leads the nation. His time was wind legal too.

(Patrick) #97

(Patrick) #98

Freshman Christian Gilmore finishes 2nd in the 800m. Laverty finishes 6th.

(Patrick) #99

Got to give the Shockers credit. They’re being frisky today. Still don’t think we’re in trouble…but, stranger things have happened.

(Patrick) #100