2019 American Athletic T&F Championships - Wichita - May 10-12 (Men win Conference again!)


Too close… down to the wire

(Patrick) #102

Lattin ties his 400m Hurdle Meet Record and takes the gold. Jordan ended up having to fall out and finished 8th


Down 15 points… down to the wire

(Patrick) #104

We’ll take the lead after the 200m

Looking like we may need Wichita State not to score many points in the 5K though. They don’t have any runners listed in the top 8, but we’ll see.

(Patrick) #105

Seymour 4th and Taylor 8th in the 200m Final for the Ladies.

(Patrick) #106


Here comes UH “SEA OF RED” The 200m race will decide AAC T&F championship… need to sweep and score huge points with our 6 qualifiers to overcome Wichita State

(Patrick) #108

Igbokwe is injured and won’t run for the Coogs

(Patrick) #109

1-2-5-6-7 in the 200m for the Coogs. Montgomery edges out Burke.

20.32 is a stadium record.


What happened to Igbokwe?

Was he on the 4x4 relay team?

(Patrick) #111

I guess he did pull up injured yesterday in the 400m prelims.

He was one of the options for the 4x4, but we have about 8 guys that can run it.

(Patrick) #112

Wichita State can’t score more than 3 points in the 5K, if we want to be sure of victory today.

We also have to win the 4x400.

(Patrick) #113


Wichita State has 5 runners in the 5000m against 2 Houston runners… we need to place top 8 and score any points

(Ben) #115

We show to be up by 12 points & should score point in the 1600, How does WSU realistically overcome that ?

(Ben) #116

I guess they need at least 2 to place on the 5o

(Patrick) #117

They haven’s scored Discus. Wichita State gained 11 points on us for that one which should put them 1 point behind with the 5K and the 4x400 left.

Wichita State is expected to finish 2nd in the 4x400 to us, so we only gain 2 points there.

Leaves us ahead by 3 points so it basically comes down to the 5K and whether either team can score. Neither has anyone projected to be in the top 8.

(Ben) #118

Gotcha thanks !


Whooaa didn’t see it this close - i am dumbfounded


(Patrick) #120

Losing Igbokwe in the 400m and not scoring in the Long Jump hurt. Wichita State is also doing extremely well on their home track.