2021 offers

I know Kellen has been on him for over a year but I’m really surprised they waited to offer him. Hopefully that time spent recruiting him pays off.

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I really hope he comes here. I just feel like we would crush everyone with our guard play with him and Powell together.

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His offer list is growing daily so its going to be a fight to get him.

Waiting to offer is why we make fewer mistakes

Very true but this situation I think they possibly could have locked him in before his rise. I’m just guessing so it may not have mattered either way.

It would of been nice to wrap him up for Fall but looks it will go until Spring.

If he waits till spring… someone else may have already taken our offer



This 100

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It seems like there is a good chance we will have four scholarships available after this season. Jarreau, Gresham and Gotham are seniors, if grimes enters the draft that’ll make 4 open spots.

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I think so… If Grimes gets drafted that means UH had a magical run if Covid-19 permits it.

Grimes will have good chance of being drafted, independent of how Coogs season turns out.

Who’s Cooper :woozy_face:

I think he meant COVID-19. You know how the auto-word fill in screws up messages. Lol

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Fixed it for ya!

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Nah, I meant Coogs. Hehe

Top 8 for 7’0 C Souleymane Doumbia of Navarro College

East Tennessee State
Mississippi State
Seton Hall

One of top Prospects in 2021 class https://t.co/Je6ihWfc56

— JucoRecruiting.com (@JucoRecruiting) August 8, 2020
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I’d like to thank all of the coaches who have recruited me up to this point, and I wish you all the best in your seasons. For now, I’d like to announce my final Top 8! pic.twitter.com/eorrAqGuXJ

— Ivorian_beast (@Ivorian_Sou) August 8, 2020

A better version of Chris Harris would be welcomed.

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Only interested when he narrows it to one…us


If you aren’t interested in anyone until they commit why do you click on this thread?


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