BOOM! QB Levi Williams commits to '19 class (Update: Decommitted)


Oh, they’re keeping him at QB, cool

(Cristian) #163

Dang man i was excited about levy. This dude put on weight and got taller and his arm strenght was good all he needed was a coach.


Y’all don’t think it had to do more with CDH wanting to bring in his own QB recruit ?! I was more disturbed with Chance Amie flipping on us, than Williams.


I have no idea just stating that we have plenty options still in house.

(Tom Green) #166

Nothing has been decided. He was just recruited as QB and I’m sure will get fair shot in 2020, if King able to play injury free in 2019.


He was Major/Brile’s recruit and seemed to change his mind after one conversation with Dana. It may have been Dana who let him go for all we know. Good kid and all-in up to that moment. I would imagine we will be hearing a few more names leaving before all is said and done, regime change


my guess is that dana told him he “didnt fit”…levi didnt have many offers i doubt he’d bail so last minutes

he has been the biggest person to keep everyone together on social media…his mother has praised many of the new staff

dana on the other hand has been talking about letting players go publicly and saying he will tell a lot of our recruits that they wont fit but will honor them commitment if they stay (basically telling them to leave politely)
dana is likely trying to create room to recruit


Sure it will work out best for all, wish him well


Seems like a good kid. Best of luck.


A sure sign Hurts is on board.

j/k j/k j/k

(Patrick) #172

Good luck to the young man.


Wow… He didn’t have many offers.


His whole family loved UH. It had more to do with new coach.

(Patrick) #175

Think it had more to do with CDH’s son enrolling.

It isn’t as if Logan is a scrub, he’s a 3* that had decent FBS offers. Throw in King, Tune, Bryson, possibly Julon, and who knows from the classes after this one and he knew it was going to be tough to see the field here with a coach that didn’t recruit him.

(Tom Green) #176

This! ^

(Tom Green) #177

Logan was committed to Bowling Green n Levi to Kansas b4 changing to UH. So Bowling Green n Kansas pretty much same level! :grin::joy:. #PowerofBig12

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #178

Levi was never committed to Kansas. That was Tune last year. GEEZ!


Best of luck to him.


Yes, best of luck to him. I guess we’ll know what happened by where he ends up.

(Tom Green) #181

Hmmm. Think your right , got the two confused. Seems a Big12 school was interested in him. Maybe it was Baylor but at this point hope he lands in good situation for him.