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(David) #67

Sometimes I will put tickets to games like this out on StubHub and take the money if someone wants to pay it. Otherwise, I will go so not all tickets still out there will go unused.

I will be there Sunday. Memphis seems to play in Houston only once every two years so might not see Penny until 2021 if I don’t go.

(Jimmy Morris) #68

Not saying this is what you meant, but it reads that a chance to see Hardaway is more motivation than a chance to see the 14-0 Coogs.


I did not know Penny was still paying college basketball

(David) #70

It bolds well if he isn’t…

(David) #71

It means I am keeping my tickets for the game. The last time I saw the Cougars lose a basketball game in person was in Wichita but you know me…I was only there to see SDSU and Michigan.

Man, you try to give a different, more positive perspective…

(Tom Green) #72

No it’s Lil Penny now!! :grin::joy:

(David) #73

(PMM) #74

2 beers and you would be asleep !!

(PMM) #75

Might be interesting to see if Penny is still there in 2 years !

(Timothy Q. Chan) #76

With all the energy in the Fertitta Center? Not a chance, during the game at least. Now once everybody files out and they shut the lights off…see you in the morning!


Depends what James Wiseman-n-crew do next year. For me, he needs to win big next season. Or recruits will start shying away a bit. And the fan base will start doubting him.


I sat in them during the opening party and they need to be 8" higher. I couldn’t believe what a stupid mistake the designers made. But, I found myself having to scoot up to see the floor better if there was play. The good news is that there is a plausible fix by constructing a platform onto which the seats can be placed in order to raise the viewing sight lines.


Right… He’s almost 50 years old and both of his knees are shot. He’s lucky if he can walk straight these days :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy::joy::joy:

(Jimmy Morris) #80

39 tickets left IF none of the $45 seats were held up.



Announcement of a sell out tomorrow! Texans loss left a sour taste in Houstonians mouths

(Patrick) #83

Guessing there’s some tickets available for the ECU game:

(Jimmy Morris) #84

A ton available. They had reserved way too many for multigame packs and this game was the last choice when people bought those packs.

(Jimmy Morris) #85


Hopefully 10 days and two big road wins will take a chunk of those out.

(Patrick) #86

Lot of tickets on stubhub right now for this one as well and tickets are priced very cheaply.

Hope we get a decent crowd out of this one as ECU has been playing tough this year.