Game of Thrones Season Eight

(J V ) #101

Her turn was not earned. Her chacter was about protecting the poor the common man. She was literally burning block after block. I mean how much fuel does Drogon have? I understand you mentioning history but this is a show. Where viewers are taken on a ride of caring or hating certain characters. Its hard to accept them just throwing out characters behaviors over 7 seasons to be undone in a few epidodes.

They built up the Golden Company and they lasted 10 seconds. That was unsatisfying.

Why not have Greyworm fight their commander?

Greyworms arch was learning to care and feel emotions. He was a character we care about and to see him just kill and stikedown anyone in front of him including women and chikdren felt wrong. We are supposed to like him and in his actions one cant help but dislike him now.

(Sam) #102

They killed the love of his life! I’m not saying the writing has been perfect by any means, but I think the rush to finish has been problematic. I also feel there are reasons for characters to act out of character, so to speak, and move away from an expected character arc. We’ll see how they try to tie all this together in the last show. Agree that just abandoning Bran or others wouldn’t sit well. I saw some discussion of the symbolism of Arya riding off on a white horse. They mentioned every odd possibility except the ones traditionally associated with a white horse, i. e., a hero/savior figure or death. So it COULD mean both if Arya is to kill Dany in the last episode.


I will watch until the last dragon dies and then I’m done!

(Dave) #104

MUST SEE … Season 8 Episode 5 … Game Revealed …

Aaron Rogers BTW made a cameo appearance in one of the street scenes …

(Charles) #105

I agree with Lonecat, Killing Eve is the best thing on the telly. Noticed that Jodi Cormer won BAFRA as best actress. She deserves it. Just watching the fluidity of her facial expressions is worth the price of admission. I’ve never seen an actor who could go from charming to murderous so believably.

GOT (though I still watch) has lost it’s appeal for me with the big Walking Dead fight. Too much too quick.

(Dave) #106

Villanelle is a human dalek/cyberman … a cold blooded killer without conscious …

I lost sympathy for her when she killed/broke the neck of the disfigured young boy in the hospital …

Except for Eve NONE of the characters are redeemable including her MI6 boss …

(Ryon Adams) #107


Query: is discussing GOT only maybe one step above discussing D&D in terms of total “geek” factor?

Please be candid in your responses!

(J V ) #108

I dont think so. GOT is a global phenomenon.

(Thomas) #109

If both Dany and Jon die, then doesn’t Gendry become king (by virtue of being Robert Baratheon’s bastard son)?

Just an idle thought while waiting for Sunday…

(Sam) #110

I could see that happening, especially with the elevation of his character in the past episodes. But I look for something pretty spectacular with Arya. Having her on a white horse, one of the most symbolic emblems, at the end of the penultimate episode is sure to carry some significance.

(J V ) #111

Tyrion will go on trial. Jon will kill Dany. Bran will be named King. He has to be brought back in, he has to tie up the story.

The horse was digitally placed to cover up for a Hyundai that was left on the set (like the coffee cup).

(Charles) #112

PAWRFUL. You’re the type of viewer who has to identify with the characters and impose your own ethics/standards on them. I just like a good story and GOT quit being that several seasons ago.

(J V ) #113

Stealth, where did you think it went wrong?

(Sam) #114

I do understand some of the complaints. I saw where about a million viewers signed a petition to reshoot the last season, not that they’re going to get anywhere with that.

(Dave) #115

Everyone seems to be bracing for the worse … Sophie Turner I hear told Jimmy Fallon that the fans will not be happy …

One funny story is that one Lady named her daughter Khaleesi … now she is upset with her decision based on episode 5 … :roll_eyes:

I suspect as it has already been noted that fans will be reluctant to watch the prequels if this one ends poorly … especially after enduring 8 + years of watching …

I liken it to enduring SEVEN thick Harry Potter novels (well six) over 10 years and 8 movies ONLY to find out Harry turns into a dark wizard at the end and Voldermort rules the wizarding world …


Did people not notice how crazy Dany has been all series…only held in check by people she loved who have now died.

She was sold by her abusive brother to a rapist who she then fell in love with…the she trusted an enemy witch who killer her husband and unborn child. Then she tried to kill herself but ended up with fucking dragons instead.

She’s talked multiple times about burning cities to the ground. She lined a highway with dead people on spikes. She took to executing people by dragon fire like a newborn takes to a tit.

Something like episode 5 was always going to happen.

…my prediction…

Jon says “I’m out” and heads North.

Arya kills Dany, marries the Baratheon bastard and shares the iron thrown with him.

(J V ) #117

Well, I did a pretty good job with my guesses.

I am not crazy about how they handled Danny’s story and going mad the way she did. Nor how Greyworm ended as well. I don’t like that I felt at the end disliking him. It is hard to get past the thought of his character killing and murdering women and children as well as soldiers who surrendered. He came off as violating rules of war. Almost like a war criminal. But I guess it was needed as a motivator to Jon to do what he needed to do.

I liked the banter of the small council, it felt familiar and right. Seeing Bron was a surprise but he got highgarden. The camera pulling back and them arguing about the value of brothels was on brand for them.

Jon seeing ghost was just the right note as well as being Tormund.

Arya was like Frodo, sailing off to unknown lands felt right. She had outgrown Westeros. There was no longer a place for her. They could do a spin off of her adventures.

However, as a whole I felt it was a satisfying ending. It was bitter sweet as it was described.

(Sam) #118

Also was pretty pleased with how it ended. It’s GOT, not a romantic comedy, so those upset that Dany & Jon didn’t ride off into the sunset in one another’s arms have clearly never really understood the show. I wasn’t as unhappy with Greyworm. His life has been one of servitude, so I doubt he gave a thought to the rules of war or the morality of his actions. Did Alexander’s soldiers when they burned Persepolis? He was following his queen’s orders.

I guess the one issue that I never completely bought was Dany’s insanity or “going to the bad side” or what have you. I get the argument that she had become tyrannical, but I don’t think it’s absolutely conclusive, just as Jon apparently didn’t when he said afterward that it didn’t feel right.


Are you kidding me?

First of all… They are really making Jon go to the night’s watch when all of humanity wouldn’t even be alive if it wasn’t for him?

And what the hell for? Greyworm is going to Naath anyway… This makes absolutely no sense.

This is one of the worst endings to a series ever.

Drogon, Children of the Forest, Night King, Lord of Light… All for nothing?

And where the hell did all the Dothraki come from? It’s like the Dothraki and Unsullied doubled in size out of nowhere.

It was a disgrace to even associate A Song of Ice and Fire with this mess.

(J V ) #120

We agree about the insanity, it was forced and not earned. But it was almost as if the the producers heard the criticism and Tyrion explained it in his speech.

Those wanting Jon and Dany flying into the sunset were going to be disappointed it’s almost like they forgot what show they were watching.

They should be happy so many characters lived.

The shot of Dany walking and her seeming to have dragons wings extend outward was a visually WOW kind of shot.

Brienne writing the end of Jamie’s story felt right. They could have not done the one night stand and leaving her standing there sobbing, that served nothing.