Gameday Thread; Houston at Temple, Wednesday at 6pm onESPNNEWS (L 73-69)

(Jimmy Morris) #302

To keep it fair. Here is the next moment of Corey trying to slide by. Notice the player is falling back now and Corey’s body is above him. Even if you feel like he slid by, no way you can say his left leg is not knocking the guy backwards from his good position.


(Jimmy Morris) #303

We aren’t losing rankings if we take care of business Sunday and beat Wichita State double digits like we should. This game didn’t change the season. It gave us a loss on the road to a good team that we can beat when we see them again.

(Ben B) #304

That angle is misleading. You should watch it again from the baseline angle.


Of course we are losing rankings. We are UH and we get punished twice as bad as everyone else.

It is a certainty that we will drop.

(Jimmy Morris) #306

Youtube.TV unfortunately cut off the recording the moment the final buzzer sounded. Do you have a screenshot of the baseline angle?

Nevermind. Found the replay on ESPN.


The offensive foul on Corey right after that Tech might have been the most brutal call of the game. That one cost us two points, as well.

Refball sucks.

(Patrick) #308

And then the Temple player on the other end pushing off even worse than Corey, knocking Jarreau down, not getting called for it, and draining a three hurt as well.

7 point swing


Anyone have the postgame presser?

(Patrick) #310

CKS doesn’t talk to Branham on the road after losses. Doubt we hear anything until they get back from Philly.

Edit: Wrong (h/t/ @vcoog)

(Jimmy Morris) #311

He didn’t ride him down like I original said but watching the video over and over, you see the force of his left leg hitting the body before Davis twists to the side.

We had it down to 1 with 2 minutes to go. Armoni made a bad defensively play with a foul and then a bad pass after the free throws. That coming a couple minutes off of a missed 3 and a point blank jumper. If Armoni doesn’t fall apart the last 5 minutes, it never comes down to that call. Love the kid but it wasn’t his game.

(Tom) #312

Spot on…agree with this

(Jay C.) #313

Yeah, it was a tough night for Armoni. I bet he has a HUGE day against the Shockers

(Jimmy Morris) #314

The most brutal part of that, is just moments later, Alton bodies Jarreau to the ground and then hits a wide open 3. If they call the offensive foul there, then we lose no momentum.


Was anyone else worried thinking that Sampson was having a heart attack there at the end?

(Jimmy Morris) #316

It did cross my mind for a moment. Held my breath for a split second. Had a Tom Penders flashback.

(Tom) #317

I’d rather lose these kind of games in the league , learn from mistakes and win these kind of games in the dance.


That was the stretch where the officiating swung the game. The tech on Brooks I was waiting for after the way he hung on the rim. The one on CKS and the offensive foul on Davis were abysmal.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #319

Good reminder to the team that some nights you need to beat your opponent AND the refs.

We (the fans) can complain all we want but it’s still a L for the team.

(Randy Randel) #320

It wasn’t so much as the 2 points off the technical as to how much it changed the game. We had gained control, then came the technicals and the ticky calls. The offensive foul on Corey was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. What also made it an obvious one-sided deal was the lateness of some of the whistles

(Munzell Milluns) #321

We lost by around 30 at Wichita last year and ended the season arguably one of the best 6-8 teams in the country.

Sometimes you lose even when you’re very good.