GAMEDAY THREAD! Houston vs Cincinnati at the Fertitta Center - Sunday @ 3pm on ESPN (W 65-58)

(Ricky ) #201

Hope this game gets the tv rating it deserves. Great showing by both universities


cant even mad at our team, we put bodies on cumberland, dude just a pure scorer.

(Dan) #203

Deeky is a man tonight.

(Patrick) #204

Harris with some big moments tonight

(sphinx drummond) #205

He is breaking away.


Can’t watch but checking gamecast on ESPN and we’re 50% from the floor but Cincy has taken 9 more shots and is killing use with 18, count 'em, 18 offensive rebounds. We have 11 which is pretty good, but c’mon guys, block out!!

(Patrick) #207

La Deeky again!

(Patrick) #208

Coogs lead 63-58 with 3:20 left

Jarreau picks up his 4th

(Grant) #209

Jarreau coming up huge with armoni not even looking for a shot today.

(Gt) #210

Jarreau is special.

(Trent) #211

How about Nate standing in there with Cumberland?

(Patrick) #212

At least he’s crashing the boards. 12 boards today

(Cougarpad) #213

Another stupid foul call by the refs when we have momentum and the fans are into it.

(sphinx drummond) #214

Armoni has a nose for the boards.

(Grant) #215

Not complaining about his game. Just noting he doesn’t look like he even wants to pull the trigger.

(Dan) #216

How many fouls does Corey have he hasn’t been in a while. I know Galen has 4.

(Patrick) #217

Oh, agreed. We need him to his a shot or two down the stretch

(Patrick) #218

Galen, Davis, Jarreau all have 4


man i m very impress with chris harris, dude got so much confident right now. he prolly cant hit FT but we really need his defense. and deeky hustle after that block. thats HEART. GO COOGS


4 fouls for davis.