GAMEDAY THREAD! Houston vs Cincinnati at the Fertitta Center - Sunday @ 3pm on ESPN (W 65-58)

(Grant) #221

We gonna have a guard playing at the end of the game haha

(Gt) #222

Man the arena looks great. Awesome crowd today to support a great team.

(Patrick) #223

Man, some luck with Cincy missing free throws today

(Patrick) #224

Sunshine gonna come up big and be a hero :rofl:

(Patrick) #225

And then Dejon misses two freebies

(Grant) #226

Is there a more fearless dude in the country driving the lane than Jarreau?

(Patrick) #227

Coogs lead 63-58 with 2:26 left

Winning time

(Ben B) #228

Draw something up Kelvin!!!

(Patrick) #229

Cincy should be ranked much higher

(Gt) #230

Cinn has nobody to step up except Cumberland

(sphinx drummond) #231

Jennifer is waiting to come alive.

(Patrick) #232

Harris with the huge board

(Ben B) #233

Wasted possession

(Patrick) #234

Jarreau is doing everything

(Gt) #235

Coogs gotta run plays. Jarreau iso looking like ROx. lol

(Patrick) #236

Coogs lead 63-58 with 1:01 left

Timeout Houston

(Ben B) #237

We had four or five on three and we stopped it there. Should have pushed it for the points.


Palms getting sweaty! :grinning:

(sphinx drummond) #239

Good time out , 1:01 left 5 point lead, Coog ball, 19 on the shot clock

(Grant) #240

One of the few games Hinton has really looked like a freshman. Still out there battling. Damn I love this team.