GAMEDAY THREAD! Houston vs Cincinnati at the Fertitta Center - Sunday @ 3pm on ESPN (W 65-58)

(Patrick) #262

1-2, that’s it!

Coogs win 64-58!!!

(Michael C Webb) #263

Congrats Coog Fans, , we’ll meet again, probably twice. You have the better team over all.




What a win!!!


Took the words right out if my mouth!

(sphinx drummond) #267

We got a great coach.


Thanks Bearcat, we know you will be ready in Cincy.

(Tom) #269

Cumberland had zero point the last five minutes Hinton was on him.


Incredible game. Just the kind of slugfest you expected. Jarreau saved the day when Robinson and Davis both had to sit with fouls. This will raise the eye test value of both teams.

(Patrick) #271

(Patrick) #272

(Doug) #273

Wow!! Just Wow!!!

(Doug) #274

What a run!!


This. Hinton was the only Coog who shut down Cumberland. Ha was balling on defense.


I love this team! Did Deeky get a piece of that last shot too? Glad they didn’t get a lucky shot to break that 6 min scoreless streak.

(Grant) #277

Thanks to good help D.

(Patrick) #278


UH gotta crack top 10 tmr after two Q1 dub!!! and win out for conference title #forthecity !!!

(Grant) #280

Thanks to really good help d. He got beat off the bounce several times. Not being negative. Hinton is a bulldog with his effort level.


Is it too soon to say Hinton, the Cumberland stopper???