GAMEDAY THREAD! Houston vs Cincinnati at the Fertitta Center - Sunday @ 3pm on ESPN (W 65-58)

(Doug) #282

They should be #9!


Crazy game. Sampson looks like a genius to me. What an ending,last seven minutes were shut down and the bench show, amazing


There is almost always good help d with the Coogs. You are correct that it was a team effort.

(Patrick) #285

Thanks for stopping by. Good game and that one up there is going to be crazy.

Cincy should be a top 20 team.

(Trent) #286

I mean, yeah, he got suckered into jumping early or going left instead of right a couple of times, but he always recovered well. Also I can’t really think of another player about whom we can’t say “thanks to really good help D.” That’s the point that Sampson has pounded into them.

(Grant) #287

For sure. That’s why I don’t want to give all the credit for Cumberland not scoring down the stretch to one guy.


Player of the game, our layup man…Jarreau!

(Grant) #289

Yeah. But that’s why I’m not singling one guy out for stopping him. It’s a team defense. They battled hard the whole game. Cumberland hit a bunch of very difficult shots. Not a ton of easy ones. It wasn’t one guy.

(Ben B) #290

Cumberland has one basket less than half of Cinci’s points. No wonder they couldn’t score once we stopped him.


i remember 3 weeks we had people debating the jarreau wouldn’t be a starter next year for a true freshman lol

good game boys

(Dan) #292

Lot of our young guys grew up today in a March atmosphere. What a game. Headed back up 45 with great memories. Go Coogs.

(Patrick) #293

Coach Sampson postgame with Branham

  • we defended and rebounded, made plays
  • Cincy is such a good defensive team. Neither team will look good when playing each other.
  • Found a hole with Jarreau in the 2nd half as he was able to beat the switching defense
  • Player of he Game: Nate Hinton. Scored 27 points on 22 shots
  • Respect no team more than Cincy and Mick Cronin
  • get back to practice tomorrow
  • outrebounded Cincy even though Fabian and Brady didn’t get many boards. CKS says that it was the plan; wanted 4s and 5s to block out and guards to rebound. Cincy always shoots a kid down the floor on rebounds so it’s 5 on 4 on the defensive boards
  • Cumberland bigger than Robinson and Davis and stronger than Dejon. Had to put Nate on him as he’s the only one that could play defense on him.

(Grant) #294

No. People said that freshman would be in the running for a starting role. I didn’t see anyone say he would absolutely be the starter. Just that Jarreau needed to grow his game. Still does. His decision making for a point guard isn’t always great.

(Patrick) #295

Ok, I’m done. Fever has been beating me up. Was shivering in the 2nd half, but couldn’t stop watching.

All I can say is GO COOGS!


Next year could be his last year if he keeps getting better.


stay healthy pray

(Cougarpad) #298

Cincii fans are so entitled. They are on other boards saying the refs gave us this win. Cinci had the foul discrepancy in their favor. Cinci fans just can’t believe when they lose in this conference without having excuses. It is never because they just got beat.


Stop at Buckees, you deserve it after a trip to Houston to watch you Coogs play. I remember the trips I would take back to Dallas or Killeen/Jarrell/Temple when I would watch UH play in person. So satisfying!!!


Great win and great crowd.

(Tom) #301

We held serve on our court. Still have to play at Cinci for probably the conference title. Don’t forget we host a pesky UCF at home. Long way to go. Houston jumped a huge hurdle tonight.