It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)

(David) #286

I noticed Aggie fan trying to put a negative spin on the facility on Berman’s video. When Aggie and Longhorn start taking the time to try to criticize UH, you know UH is trending much higher. No one in Texas can claim superiority to UH for the big three right now [football, basketball and baseball]. It’s a good time to be a Coog fan.

(gpropes) #287

To this day, all of the Antigua polos and button-downs at Academy feature the logo with the missing bevel.

Six years on.

(Cougarpad) #288

It looks like on the webcam they are taking up the part of the court that says Howie Lorch and Elvin Hayes Courtside. Maybe they decided to just go with Elvin Hayes court instead.

(Cougarpad) #289

Never mind it actually looks like they are taking thr whole court up.

(Patrick) #290

Yep, Aggies are getting worried so many of them are starting to talk trash on us again. Their fans can’t stand it when we have success.

(PMM) #291

Wonder what colossal FU they have managed now !!

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(Cougarpad) #293

I am wondering how they are going to display the retire jerseys and banners in the rafters. It looks like a crisscrossed web of steel up there now making it hard to hang things. And I’ll go ahead and be the one to ask. Where do you hang the US and Texas flags?

(Patrick) #294

My doctor:

(PMM) #295

So, CKS said he was told that they would be able to start practicing in the FC by November 5th.

AND today, they take the floor up.

They better light a fire under the Turner bunch…4+ weeks till GO.

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(Cougarpad) #297

I think they might have taken the floor off so to hang banners and flags, because they have brought to large cherry pickers in on the floor. You would think they would of hung that stuff before putting the floor down.

(John m Bevil) #298

Phenomenal job!
Looks great!
Thank you Mr. Ferttita!


True, but it may have been prudent to have the floor laid down early to check for any defects or installation problems. Better to find out now than a week before tip-off.


We need to get the baskets up. I know CKS said in a interview that he wanted to practice inside Fertitta by Nov. 1st

(Cougarpad) #301

The floor was taken back up yesterday so the baskets are going to be delayed.

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