It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)

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Wow, so the administration actually stated there will be some obstructed views. How do you pay all this money to an architect and they can’t find a way to not have obstructed views. For that one section pressed up against the club, just cut out a notch in the wall and if worried about safety, then put some railing or plexi in.

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Yes, last week he was told Nov 5th. A week later, he is told Nov 12th.

“soon to be finished”, “almost finished”…Just finish the damn thing !!!


Indeed! There were no “obstructed views” in the old arena. They obviously had the wrong architects designing the new one!

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Great on the webcam the plaza where they are trying to pour concrete is now starting to flood. More delays probably coming. :confused:

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Y’all… One of the pics from Duarte is taken from the top of the section that abuts the club (the same section that Gardner implies is “obstructed”). In that pic the court level area is plainly visible. Since the court is smaller than that area then the entire court is visible from those seats. So unless “obstructed” means “there’s a big a** wall right next to you and you can’t see the entire arena” then no seat has an obstructed view (at least of the court). Sightlines are a simple geometric exercise. This Chicken Little gag is tiresome.

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I was just going on one of the twitters posted above but then again not sure I trust Solomon anyways.

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Most likely, the court won’t be obstructed from any seat, imo.


From reading on here, I don’t think that’s the section people were concerned about. I think they were concerned about lower walls on opposite side (like directly behind that Lauren Sampson pic) being slightly too high. A slightly higher wall there would impede the simple geometry (not saying they actually are too high but could see an issue if they were).


Seems like the end court seating sections could have been elevated a little so that they don’t look so sunken. However, the arena as a whole appears to be very top notch.

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During yesterday’s tour Senior Associate AD for Capital Projects T.J. Meagher mentioned there are a few seats with an obstructed (4 or 5). Thus, if someone has a seat with an obstructed view, the person will be notified.