It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)

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Nice…but what’s with the yellow letters. Hopefully just some covers missing.

NOW…let there be a BB court…and baskets !!

(Charles) #347

pink and yellow, nice.

(Patrick) #348

Different angle with a little more light outside.

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Be ready for disappointment


I hope not! New arena, with a good team and a top team in Oregon to go with Bol Bol… If that game is not sold out… Blame the fans.

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Someone show Galen how to shoot :skull:

(shharper01) #357

Should be close to a sell out. SMU’s first game in their redone Moody Coliseum was rocking. They have seriously obstructed view seats up top but they’re never filled even vs. UConn, Cinci or Hogs.

(Terence Greene) #358

That problem was resolved. I was in the building on Saturday. Looks like the wall was lowered and see-through plexiglass was placed on top as a protective barrier. That’s probably why the construction cam went off-line last week.


The building is still not finished, but damn… My honest opinion, it looks fantastic. They’re not lying when they say
this is a program changer. CKS should be able to recruit big time with this beautiful building. I give it an A+


What do they have left to get done?

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Yes! It’s a magnificent arena! It doesn’t remind me at all of the old Hofheinz. Basically, we got a brand new arena for just 60 million dollars.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #363

For what it’s worth, the 3D view of the Fertitta Center shows two sections with possible obstructed views.

Section 107, Rows 26-28, Seats 12-15 (12 seats total): “Possible Suite Obstruction” (not sure if that’s a typo, I don’t see a suite in the way);272__p_107_5/

Also, definitely some obstructed seats in Section 110. Site shows Section 110, Rows 20-23, Seats 1-4 (16 seats total). Whoever’s sitting behind the camera better hope for a skinny cameraman.;272__p_110_3/


Hmmm…well, I had a bit of tough time finding more than 4 seats together for some mini plans…got them though. I do know that some seats are still being held for full season tickets, but I’m confident that Oregon and LSU will be sold out.


Who’s going to the game I’m Stillwater? I know me and 6 others will be there wear UH red. Does anyone know where they’ll put the coog fans?