It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)

(John m Bevil) #366

I know it is a little early, but do the students have a plan for opening day?
Back when I was a student, we brought news papers and said “who’s he”,
when opposing teams were announced. Pez said he has something planned
for opening night. Any word? There has to be something for the helicopter
when the “big” cat lands.

(Patrick) #367

Hopefully, students show up. Basketball team hasn’t been able to draw students outside of the big games. It would be nice if they were excited about the new arena as well.

(Tom Green) #368

Unless UH Alum lives in area or maybe Dallas area I doubt anybody makes roadtrip for non-conf gm against team ranked in the low 90s in latest team rankings I saw. I’m still trying to get over my 1 day trip to Dallas n back to Cypress same night two weeks ago. I started driving once weather delay started n after we had 4-5 3rd down opportunities to stop their last drive…oh never mind…you know rest of story. Any event it rained so hard for about 1 hour that it was brutal leaving Dallas area.

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(Cougarpad) #371

They need to hang the final four banners, retired jerseys, and US flag. Some important details.

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(Jimmy Morris) #373

I still have to believe this is an optical illusion.

Just stand the whole game. Simple solution right?

Two things wrong with that.

  1. Not everyone that purchase those seats will be expecting to stand or even physically able to stand all game.
  2. Some of the people that actually went physically to the seat selection and picked seats further over to avoid having to stand, may not have thought it through enough that they will be obstructed by the people standing as much as they can.

It has to be an optical illusion. Otherwise the decision to go with concrete walls that high instead of half way up and then guard rails screams incompetence.

(Cougarpad) #374

I’ve been trying to figure this out as well. I can’t figure out by looking at the pictures I have seen if the wall will be an issue. You think someone from the athletics department would go sit in one to see. They basically would have to cut the wall down and could put in the fiberglass rails like on other parts of the arena.

(Ben) #375

That’s a computer simulated photo isn’t it?

(Jimmy Morris) #376

Something else doesn’t add up. Either the virtual views are not accurate or the seating chart is not accurate.

The view above plus this view

Does not add up to this part of the seating chart.

Those seats extend much further, which would make the wall extend further and cut off some of the high chair expensive seats from seeing the part of the court as well.

The simplest explanation is that the people in charge of the virtual view didn’t get it right and ones in charge didn’t notice because it doesn’t matter if the virtual views are 100% accurate.

(Jimmy Morris) #377

I’m 99% sure it is. I was just posting the rest stating that.

(Jimmy Morris) #378

Nope. It’s the seating chart that isn’t scaled right. The sections are at different grades but they kept the spacing on the seating chart the same on a flat plane and it messed up the section sizes.



Going to the wrong Architect will get you that…inexcusable. What an injustice to the profession. You have to imagine the fan experience before sending the drawings out. Contractor should have also sent an RFI to the Architect for that foolishness. I cant understand what was being achieved here. Wish I was in charge of that project…SMH.


You don’t really need virtual views to see that. I haven’t seen the drawings, but no one can see over 10 foot walls if they are blocking views of the court…its common sense…this need to be fixed…IMHO.

(PMM) #381

Maybe we should wait and see what the situation really issue. All this conjecture is pure BS.

(Jimmy Morris) #382

Well it’s not like anyone is saying it’s a fact there are obstructed view seats. Just raising the concern and hoping it’s not true.

This game will be hugely hyped. If we have a sell out crowd, win the game but there are dozens of people complaining about the obstructed views, what do you think the media will run with?

(Patrick) #383

(Patrick) #384


I am quite concerned that my seats may be obstructed and I promise you I will be very unhappy if my view is of an ugly concrete wall instead of the court.