It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)


Ugly ?! :joy::joy::joy: Hey man… There is nothing ugly about Fertitta Center, ok…

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I think the wall will be fine. Typical sitting eye height is ~42". Those red chairbacks are the same as the gray chairbacks in TDECU with the top of the back hitting around mid-back/bottom of the shoulder blades of those seated. Looking at angles from pictures and videos the typical adult will have enough clearance over the wall. Maybe looking way far down the near sideline to the adjacent corner might be an issue but there’s gonna be floor seats and scorer’s tables obstructing that view anyways. Unless you absolutely need to see how close their feet are to the side boundary then it really won’t be a problem.


Won’t know until the night of December 1st.

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GAME THREAD - Houston vs Oregon Dec 1st, 8pm on ESPN2 (W 65-61)
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This might be a dumb question but how come the entire floor isn’t covered by the court? Like the floor is still exposed?

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That’s a lot more people than the usual Cougar Brass.

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Most areas don’t have the wood court all the way through. The Hoff did not have the court all the way thru and neither does Toyota Center.

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They just need to hang up the final four banners and retired jerseys and everything will be ready.

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Maybe I just got used to H&PE lol thanks

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That wall of names in the tunnel is amazing.


The arena has to be the best in college basketball :basketball:


Doesn’t look like all the landscaping will get done as it looks like a full day of rain tomorrow.


Man, I want to get there like 3 hours early and just wander around. I wonder if they’ll let me look for the old racquetball courts. :grinning:

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I’m getting there as soon as the gates open to take it all in.

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Well, they have only had 21 months !