Jalen Hurts

(Christopher) #61

Well… our QB in this class did just tweet that he won’t be attending UH


Wow wonder what happened, going to FSU now??


I may be getting bad information.
But I am familiar with C.V.’s athletic department, where Jalen played and his Dad is head coach.
I was told it would be a school north of Texas.

(Christopher W Allison) #64

Every high profile QB graduate transfer we have had has turned out to be a flop. I would take him as a backup QB, but nothing more unless if he was willing to be a WR. So I would expect him not to transfer here.

(Randy ) #65

How many have we had besides Kyle Allen? The other QB grad transfers that come to mind for me are Dormady last year, Adam Schulz from Utah in Herman’s first year, and Al Pena after Kolb graduated. None of those 3 were high profile.

(Sam) #66

True, none of those transfers led their team to an undefeated season and SEC championship. I have no idea what Hurts is going to do, but there are two legitimate media sources claiming UH is a leader for his services. I’m sure the posters here have excellent inferencing skills, but I think I’ll give a little more credence to media reports.

(steve saxenian) #67

Color be baffled. We already have 2 guys, King and Smith, who are better qbs ???


I don’t think this is true. If Kyler Murray is coveted by NFL teams as a QB, then so will D’Eriq King. I would venture to say King is even better than Murray. He just doesn’t have the same exposure.


Yep, 26-2 record as a starter in the SEC. Who would want that kind of QB??

(Patrick) #70

Saw something where Miami is going after him hard.

(Tom Green) #71

He can go after Clemson again in ACC.


I didn’t realize that he was blocking for himself and catching his own passes on offense. Then playing both ways where he lines up against 300 lb lineman, stuffs running backs as a linebacker, and shuts down receivers as a defensive back.

Nice try, it’s a team sport and the record belongs to a great team that has 5 star talent everywhere. King is better than Hurts and is held back at times by his team, especially the defense. Hurts was supported by his team a lot. Look at Alabama with Hurts, look at it with Tua.


Nice try but try again. I’m not saying Hurts is better than King. I’m saying Hurts has one hell of a great record as a starting QB against good competition.

(Ben) #74

Murray isn’t returning to OU in my opinion, he is under contract to report to the A’s in February and many national radio shows say he is leaning toward declaring for the nfl draft and attending the combine. The A’s might allow him to test the waters with hopes he realizes his measurables might hinder an NFL career ( is he closer to 5’8” or 5’10”?). If he chooses to pursue football he will have to reimburse the A’s or if he stayed at OU he would have to pay them back too.


Nice try, try again? I never said anything about his record, the competition he played against, etc. I simply stated my opinion that King is better than Hurts, the reasons why, my thoughts that King had a great opportunity next year, and that I would pass on Hurts.

If you want to talk records, Greg McElroy was 24-3 with Alabama his two years as a starter. I wouldn’t say he was a great quarterback. He was serviceable on really good teams. Hurts is not bad, never said that. I just don’t think he is on the level of King, Murray, or Tua.

Agree to disagree except that we are talking about two different things.




He might sit out 2019 and come back in 2020


That may be a smart move as I don’t see him beating king. King is our man next year.


I really dont know how to feel with everyone sayinng we have the best odds…

Really gonna make a qb like deriq king a 2nd stringer? No way jose

Im rolling with King all the way

Unless King can redshirt or something, i dont know the rules

Although I will say Landing a guy like Jalen hurts would be a huge P5 statement for the long term. This is honestly a tough one.


Again, I never said Hurts was better or worse than anybody. I said he was a 26-2 QB playing against SEC competition.