Official coaching list Updated 1/30


When, Coach? When?! What ye magic 8 ball say?

(Sam) #103

I’m expecting a full DC, a very good one. Could definitely see an associate head coach title.


I told y’all it wasn’t going to be Gibbs as rumored as the new DC. I’m still hoping it’s DeRuyter.

(Tom) #105

Like this hire already. Welcome coach Bauer,

(Jimmy Morris) #106

It’s kind of picking at the wording. Practice and workouts right? It was the offseason workouts that sent the Oregon players to a hospital.


DeRuyter is a lot better than Gibbs. I really hope we can pull this off, even if we have to increase the budget to get him!

(Jimmy Morris) #108

We’ve already doubled the budget to have the coaches we signed. Hopefully we double ticket revenue to make up for it but doubling the price of tickets will lower the amount of tickets sold. So not sure how they will do this.


We don’t have to double ticket revenue in order to make it up.

(Jimmy Morris) #110

The school subsidizes over $17 million each year. We need to double ticket revenue. You don’t pay a P5 coaching staff with G5 ticket prices. Basketball coaching staff has raises coming but the increased basketball ticket revenue will more than cover it.


Depends on what his asking price is. He was making $1.5 at Cal, I’m pretty sure we can match. We’ll have to sell a lot of beer! :joy:

Edit: How much was Briles’ buyout? Would it be enough to cover his first year? :face_with_monocle:


I think Tim D is set to make about $500K this year - definitely not $1.5MM.


500K in Houston better than 500K in California.

(Jimmy Morris) #114

As fans, we can’t be screaming to pay “whatever it takes” to get P5 level coaches while bringing in less than 1/3rd the ticket revenue and contributions while the students pay 6x more in fees and school funds.

(Dave) #115

I like DeRuyter but he could be asking for the moon … $$-wise …

I suspect we will probably give him the old Sputnik satellite closer to earth … $$-wise …

Cal finished up next to last in the northern Pac12 division … which is now the toughest in the Pac12 …

Cal did lose to a common opponent … Ariz … who we beat soundly in the Lawrence of Arabia game at TDECU.

OUR MAIN PLUS is that UH is sitting in one of the most fertile recruiting areas in SE Texas … whereas Cal is not as their LA recruiting area is FAST drying up … fast …


Making it up doesn’t require a doubling of ticket revenue.


I think Tillman brought this up in CDH’s introduction conference. He wants the football program to be self-sufficient.

But again, this goes with the culture in Houston. We have to get others to buy in and be invested. That starts with winning, and there is a cost to winning( also his words). Maybe this “loan” the football program is borrowing from the school will be paid back soon enough. That starts with winning, but winning also starts with a complete and elite staff.



We have twice the students so it’s really only 3 times more per student, not 6.


Do we know if the football program is profitable or not? I suspect the $5.7 million in “other” is mostly concessions. Most of which come from football. If we get the 3 million in ticket sales back that we lost under Applewhite we should be doing pretty good.

(Ben) #120

cal as a team wasn’t very good but their defense was very solid as have most of his have been at other stops.

(Glenn) #121

Also,taxes are lower in Texas v Cal ! Go Coogs !