Official coaching list Updated 1/30


It certainly does start with winning, but even Herman proved that a good solid year of winning is what it takes to peak the interest of the casual college football fan in Houston. Unless we beat OU next year to kick off the season, I wouldn’t be expecting many, if any, sell outs next year. But, even with a loss to OU and/or WSU in 2019, if we can finish out a good year (defined as 10-3 or 11-3 at a minimum), the upward trajectory will start reaping results in 2020.

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Not Berman or UHCougars so take the tweet with a grain of salt.

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Me too but it is also great to see that he is not having all of them turn away…

Were I a coach, I would WANT to play for a winner. Apparently he has some believers in his peer group.

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So, it looks like we are still waiting on two additional assistant coaches.

Head Coach - Holgerson
Blackwell - Quarterbacks
Dawson - Offense??
Jones - Offensive Line
Carrier - Wide Receivers

Cauthen - DC / Linebackers
Early - Defensive Line
Belk - Cornerbacks
Gideon - Safeties / Special Teams

Depending on the alignment on defense, another linebacker coach or defensive line.
On offense, either a running back or tight end coach.

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As RT pointed out to me, we get 10 assistants as of 2018. The ones titled “director” don’t count so if you are counting Cauthen and not counting Clements, we should have 3 spots left to fill. I’d assume running game, defensive lineman and linebackers. With the last hire, would assume they would announce Clements being moved to a non-assistant position if FSU is still holding out to not pay the buyout.

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Welcome Coach “C” ! We are so glad you have joined our family ! Now let’s go Coogs !

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Welcome Coach Early ! We are excited to have you at H-Town ! Let’s build a mean and tough “D” ! Go Coogs !

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After years of passive defense, I am thrilled to have an aggressive DC. I am so tired of 10+ yard cushions on the WR’s that just about guarantee at least 5 yards any time the other team wanted it. There was a reason our defense sucked the last couple of seasons and it wasn’t the players.


Now lets get to work and build a defense to beat OU!!!


It was only 2 years. We had agressive defenses under Orlando and Gibbs. I know those two years felt like an eternity but let’s not exaggerate here

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Looks like we have a new recruiting coordinator:

Had been a defensive Quality Control Assistant at SMU. TCU alum originally from Baton Rouge

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Not on official site, I’ll check again tomorrow.

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Nothing on UHCougars for Scott or Etheridge but editor may be out for MLK day.