Official Game Thread: Coogs vs the Pirates who love purple (NTTAWWT)

(Russel ) #430

Come on your making a little too much about that. 42-6 and 42-20 isn’t going to make a difference to any voters. I’ll take a win by 3 touchdowns over a conference opponent any day of the week.


Navy may not be much in the eyes of most, but one thing they are is disciplined. And we aren’t. So in the name of disciplined versus undisciplined … watch out.

(Jimmy Morris) #432

The offense in the 4th quarter was a 61 yard TD run by King, a 64 yard drive that didn’t convert a 3rd and 1 and kicked a field goal then a 1 play 9 yard TD drive and a 2 play 23 yard TD drive.

So the offense was mostly one big QB run and the beneficiary of two turnovers deep in Tulsa territory.

(Cougarpad) #433

Notice the board is a lot less active after a decisive win :thinking: Somebody might need to check on the fire CMA trolls. Wonder how Westhoff over on the AAC CSNBBS boards is also doing? lol

(Cary) #434

Westhoff was tame tonight.


I didn’t see most of the game but counted NINE punts in the box score. Is this accurate? This should not happen against an opponent like ECU. Coogs will lose next week if that doesn’t improve.


We just beat the FBS version of TSU (or is that Rice?).

(Cary) #438

This is a bad hot take. ECU would kill Rice.

(Jimmy Morris) #439

He also said West Virginia would have scored 35 in the first half against ECU on another thread. I think this forum is his Twitter.

(WRB) #440

That is why it is criticality important that we run up scores like 42-6, so our younger players have some development opportunities. We should be less concerned with the final score (it was an easy win even with a lackluster offensive game) and more encourged that the coaching staff is doing what is best for the future of the program.

(Cougarpad) #441

I agree. I was just commenting on how the threads seem to be less active when we win big. If we are losing or in a tight game, there are usually around 10 posters in here beating the Fire CMA drum. Our secondary defense definitely needed the reps because they have not looked good.


I wasn’t able to watch this game. Does anyone know if it’s available online somewhere?


A lot of those were results of false starts, holds, offensive PI, illegal man down field, etc. The ECU rush was able to get to King once we were way behind in down and distance. Seemed to happen almost every drive.


I didnt read the entire thread… but I just want to say… that was the worst officiating crew I have ever seen for an AAC game… is this the best they can put out for a Saturday night game… that was horrible…


There was a strange bias for ECU. Not just the announcers but the broadcast. They showed constant stills of ECU players over the years and referenced the 2009 conference championship game. Failed to mention anything about us or in our favor. But I’ll take the ass kicking any day over them repping us.


You have issues.

(Jimmy Morris) #447

100% agree. Guess that makes you a better shrink than sports analyst.

(Jimmy Morris) #448

They seemed pretty fair on the replay reviews. They were surprised on the call against Sprewell wasn’t overturned and weren’t outraged when the interception at the line that touched the ground wasn’t overturned. There was an ECU feel to it but I chalked it up to them being cordial to their host. If the hosts show up early enough they are usually given a tour of the athletic facilities and told a little of the history.


I agree on the replay reviews. I just meant going in and out of commercials. I understand the cordial to the host but it seemed tilted more than usual but not excessive.


Ladies and Gentlemen. We are blessed to have a self-appointed “analyst” among us. At least you got the first 4 letters correct.