Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

this is not a jab or anything…just curious if you have insider information

That would make sense since he’s from there and I think I read he has a good friend on the team, but he also might be looking for somewhere to optimize playing in the tourney and/or getting ready for the pros and might not think Oregon will best accomplish that.

Not really his official top 5 just a prediction off of best potential destinations


Maybe Grimes will end up here after all.

Does University of Saskatchewan have to keep heaters under the floor to keep it from getting too cold and slick?

If Harris can up his FT’s to say at least 30 or 40% it would be nice. :smirk:

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Out the three of Mack, Grimes, and Mathis, who do you think are the best fits? I think we only have two scholarships left so we can’t get all three.

My choices are Mack and Grimes. I’m pretty sure that Grimes will have to sit one. Mack fills the spot left by Brooks and adds a little size. That will give us a potential lineup of

PG: Jarreau 6’5
SG: Hinton 6’5
SF: Mack 6’6
PF: White 6’7
C: Gresham 6’8


And with Grimes redshirting you have a very very talented player. He was a top 10 recruit coming out of high school. Can you imagine a year of just working with Sampson?

And we all know we need a bigs for the future. When we finally start getting players that are 6’10+ our program will grow even more.

No shooting :weary::worried::dizzy_face:

Mack & Mathis, pls!

Grimes I can live without!

I don’t even see UH mentioned for Mathis but I agree. We definitely need a pure shooter

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UH would be overloaded with Guards with Mills, Shead and then Grimes. We need players immediately eligible for this year and I like Mathis game over Mack


Rivals info regarding Grimes and I asked about big men targets for 2020

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I read mathis wants to go to Oregon. So cross that one out

Offer him the starting spot Armoni vacated lololo

It’s a no brainer we’d pursue him until we get Mack or someone else committed. I was surprised when we didn’t show up in the initial “hearing from” tweet.

Sounds like its going to ge very difficult to pull him away from Oregon considering thats where he is from.

Grimes is very strong to the hoop. Plays bigger than his position. I’d take him in a heartbeat…even where we stand. I think he could bring big game leadership to the squad. He’s fearless and has awfully quick hands.