Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

He’ll get it then.

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People who are praising Hinton are not doing based solely on his stats. They are doing based on his potential. Also they realized that his stats would have been much higher if Sampson wouldn’t have brought him along so slowly. Hinton would have gotten a ton more playing time with any other tean in the conference than here.

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I think Nate had an awesome freshman season and agree with his all freshman team selection. Just being clear since you responded to me.

I also don’t base that just on potential, which is of course very high. 7.2 ppg and 4.4 rpg playing 20mpg on a 33-4 team is a very solid stat line for a true freshman. He also played solid defense usually and his ability to get up and down the court quickly puts pressure on the opposition and helps slow fast breaks on the other end.

Nate was coming into his own and then broke his nose. He should be one of many players to improve upon what they did last year.


Nate was 11 of 22 from 3 point range in the regular season games after he broke his nose. He was 1 of 5 in the first two games after the broke nose but that was him trying to shoot with the mask on. (actually ditched it mid way through the second game but not sure if that was after his first or second miss) Once he ditched the mask, he was gold. The key will be how that translates when he is shooting 3s more often and not just being patient waiting for open looks. Here’s hoping for the best.

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Damn I didnt know he only attempted 22. It’s like saying GR3 shot the 3 better as a senior while only attempting 2 3’s per game.

I can see him getting better… His jumpshot hopefully becomes more consistent and let’s the game slow down for him

He was 4 of 22 for 18% as a junior and 28 of 80 for 35% as a senior. Not surprising you would think that isn’t an improvement. You are so bad with numbers you think GR3 is short for Galen Robinson Jr.


That didn’t make no sense lol

Any update on Grimes? Like our chances if it truly down to us and AM

According to their forum they have it in the bag. According to the Houston one we have it in the bag. Im gonna go ahead and predict that we win out and he commits tomorrow or Wednesday and joins team as soon as next week.

Crystal Ball Coogs 51% Aggs 49%

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I would have preferred to be last. Aggies are some nasty people behind closed doors. You can bet they sullied us to high Heaven over there during his visit.

It’s going to be a tough choice for him. I think it comes down to playing time and slot out of the gate. If it’s potential relationships then I think Sampson has the edge.

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I hope he comes here, if not, i’m afraid CKS will bring someone in just to find depth ala sunshine.

from the a&m sites, grimes really wants to be eligible next season and the family has already hired a lawyer known for getting players eligible

His spot here may be contingent on being eligible this season and a 1 year deal.
I think there may be more guarantees at a&m so weighing more secuiry vs going into a better program that can help him get to the next level in year.
It is not always a balanced deal from one place to another. So yeah if it is just about basketball there is no doubt I think we stand in the lead

i mentioned this earlier but he has more securities here …than there…
they werent good so youd think can offer more but its the opposite…

it would take a miracle for him not to be the starter here…he was a starter on a top 25 team last year vs a freshman who has never played a second of d1

at A&M, every single guard from last year is returning…and have 2 touted freshman coming in …he isnt starting over tj stark or savion flagg thats a guarantee…and he would have to battle wendell mitchell for the last spot (who will be a&m’s only senior, second leading scorer last year) …a&m needs quality bigs badly not guards


I think it’s better to be first when going against negative recruiting. It’s like when a girl already likes you and some jealous guy tries to win her over by saying bad stuff about you. It only makes the other dude look less attractive. If he enjoyed the visit and we were still in the hunt before his A&M visit, the smarter thing to do is ask what he liked about UH and then try to one up us if they could. If I am A&M and I’m recruiting against UH, I’m going to talk about playing in the SEC.

Grimes visited A&M and UH this weekend so you’d think decision coming soon.

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I agree but theres a new coach so youd could arguably say “everyone is going to earn their spot” “you would come in and fight for playing time” unless their coach isn’t counting on them and guarantees their spot to grimes because he sees more upside.

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Coaches have a way with making promises they cannot keep.
We are lucky to have Sampson.