Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

Quentin just posted a boomerang on his insta story. He’s in Houston.

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That could be good.

Splash. We found our go-to-guy. Top 15 team if he gets a waiver.

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Go-to guy by definition is the guy you give the ball to late in the game when it’s close. Dude shot 60.3% from the line last year. He needs to up that another 20% before he is a go to guy.


dont read too much into it…he’s been in houston for a while…i regularly see him in the john lucas camp stuff over the last few weeks…

that is just likely him meaning he is back from his visit

Give him a year of maturity and experience, I have faith his numbers will improve significantly. Sampson>>>Self

Brooks wasn’t our go-to guy and I don’t think he will be either. But he will be another guy we can go to.

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Just looks like the message means “be someone” instead of a sign that he’s coming to UH. By the way, brother is a big KU fan and said Grimes was a big disappointment last year and he does not hustle. Although he has the talent and nba body, I’m not sold on Grimes gelling with Sampson due to his lackluster entitled ways so far but hopefully he’s willing to change his mentality about how to approach the game…

I also hear the NBA told him he needs to work on spacing the floor better and needs to work on his D so that is a plus on our end in regards to signing with UH.
I think where ever he decides to go, he’s going to find out about his eligibility first and then announce…

Interesting you pick and choose which players will improve significantly. I have a feeling if you like a guy’s “handles” then you are more optimistic about their future numbers.

I wasn’t insinuating that he’s was a lock I was just say that he’s in Houston.

Yeah the SEC is bigger and he may get more “TV time” but A&M was a under .500 team last year. Two of their best scorers are now junior guards. Maybe I’m a homer, but I feel like Houston is a better fit. He’ll be on a good team. We’ve lost a lot of scoring from last year, he’ll have the opportunity to get buckets. He’s also from Houston. Last year I think expectations night was too high for him going into Kansas. At UH you don’t have the pressure of playing at KU, but you’re still playing on a very good team, at home so you can be with your family.

i remember when we said the same thing about danuel house…and look at him all he ended up doing was leading a&m to their best season in a decade and 2time all conference…and joe young, all he did was win Pac-12 POY

i also dont get the entitled comments, when almost every single interview of self talking about grimes, he immensely praised him…and when he left he praised him even more for representing the school the right way while he was there…

also defense and hustle are 2 characteristics that often reflect on the culture of your program and rarely reflect on the actual player…as if you have a culture of hustle and defense and a player isnt showing it, they are on the bench…dejon wasnt exactly known for hustle or defense at umass as an example of the program impacting those 2 characteristic


Doesn’t the school he is transferring to have to submit the waiver?

I hope his decision doesn’t take long. We’re scrambling a bit to find a talented rotation guy. If Grimes chooses A&M we will really be against the clock.

Yup. I don’t think he can apply for eligibility. The school will.

Jon Rothstein ‏Verified account @ JonRothstein 12m12 minutes ago

Sources: Oregon is no longer a potential landing spot for Alabama grad transfer Tevin Mack. Didn’t visit the Ducks as planned. Expected to visit Saint Louis this week. Clemson is also in the mix.

Another school has turned their backs on Mack.

Soooo…Mack ain’t a Quack???

Sorry about that…I got nothin’.

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that was inevitable from the beginning

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Grimes sure as Hell looks like he hustles in all the videos I watched.