Potential Grad Transfers and regular transfers

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #161

We have a chance at an elite C and PG both of which we need. Ledee could be really good but is not at a position of need being a combo 3-4 player.

(Munzell Milluns) #162

Agree. I would rather have both. But Sampson could have really developed a strong 6-9 with B10 experience.

I’m starting to worry about Penny and his staff too. I want our conf to have great coaches. But there’s something spooky about how many elite players gravitate to that staff.


Ledee has a great pedigree and the staff wanted him, so from that perspective I wish he would have come here. But I was a bit skeptical as to how he would fit in defensively and we’ll likely get someone good with this 'ship.


Thank you! Ive been saying dis. Glad u came around to your senses.

(Tom Green) #165



i wish i was optimistic as some of you on the big front…

i think we can clean house with some elite guards in 2020… but ledee (+ a year of sampson development) was the best realistic 4 or 5 i see for 2020…
aku kinda is the only top 150 big we are in on, and i dont think we land him…gut feeling is that we get some random 3star big we arent talking about right now


Were coming off 2 years in a row on making the tournament and reaching the Sweet 16 this year. There is some bigs interested in joining CKS and staff.

(Ben B) #168

There probably are. We just don’t know em.

(Sam) #169

But he wasn’t a 4 or 5. Ledee transferred from Ohio State because they played him down low, and he wants to be on the wing. We don’t really need that. Yeah, he might play some power forward, but I think he’s not here because we didn’t want him in the role he wanted. The guy who runs the TCU board said Ledee was favoring UH either during or just after his visit to Fort Worth. But chances are he’d be sitting behing Gorham year after next. I think we’re in good position with Aku and Catt, both of whom are among the top 10 overall players in the state. If we get Shead or Cryer with one of the two centers and then, of course, Mark, that would be three players who have been rated in the overall top 10 in the state. We haven’t signed a single Texas top 10 player since Danuel House.


That’s what I call a monster class. I lub it!


we’d have used him at the 4 the same way we used hinton/alley at the 4 but bigger and taller… sampons has spoke of spacing offensively…he would have been a stretch 4 here, something he calls himself (was used as a center at Ohios state)

i dont think we get aku…he interest list is blowing up and says he isnt close to narrowing yet…and hopes to go to an ivy/standford type academic school

we havent offered catt…neither has any major school yet…we just offered another PG in atlanta, so we are still handing out offers…i dont think we are that high on him as some here like to believe (might be a backup) …and he isnt going to finish top 10 in the state after summer reevaluation…on his same aau team there are 3 players who have like 20 offers each, putting up better stats who will likely jump him by summers end…

their are 4 or 5 touted 2021 bigs we could get but i dont see any 2020…i think some random 3star from some random state will commit before the summer end


Shoo-- give me that random 3 star 6-10 big lol

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #173

We really need a true big in this class. We have White, Gorham and Alley to share at the 4 already. If we think we have a shot with our big targets than we should keep the spot open.

(Munzell Milluns) #174

We need a big to build around. We need someone that attracts more than just the cookie cutter post of the opposition. Someone that would free up Hinton to set his shot and take away one side for jarreau to drive.

That would be Aku by all measure. It would also give us a FT dispenser when we’re up 5 with 1:30 to play. Someone guaranteed to get to the glass.

I’m tired of fouling 33% more than the other team and having our biggest three players in foul trouble because we’re short inside.

(Charles) #175

I’m tired of fouling 33%. then don’t foul so much. People who post like they are in charge and have the power to do anything gripe my a$^#. We’re all only observers/fans here.

(Munzell Milluns) #176

You think griping about size is feigning to be in charge? Lol…


I don’t think we foul so much because we’re short. I think it’s more that we play a very aggressive style of defense, which tends to cause us to foul more. Also, Breaon Brady struggled to defend without fouling. Even if we get taller, I think we still end up fouling quite a bit since we’re so aggressive on defense, but that’s part of what makes our defense good.

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #178

Correct. You don’t foul if you don’t contest shots. We double down every time the ball enters the post. We fly out to contest jumpers. Sure we end up getting foul calls but the offensive player knows he must shoot faster and doesn’t get the chance to set his feet and square up.


we are physical with our bigs becuase they are small…
i wouldnt say its becuase we are short but its becuase we are smaller (weight plays into too)…

most of our fouls with the bigs are fighting for position so they dont have easy layups/rebounds

case to look at is Furman vs LSU: furman is top 20 nationally in not getting fouls…but they dont see dominant bigs like lsu…every big that played fouled out or had 4 fouls

bigger players dont have to fight to estabilish position, the smaller one has to… teams with huge bigs like Virginia played defense with bigs without fouling

with that said sampson is perfectly fine with that, he doesnt mind rotating bigs